Six Degrees

Greetings and happy Wednesday out there.

I’d like to take this opportunity to toot my own horn and let everyone know that I’ve been working out and eating decently for…about a week now. Go me! I even did a half hour on the Norditrack the day of Laidoff-a-palooza because I wrock the healthy yo. Then I ate a bazillion voodoo boss cookies but focus on the Norditracking!

Seriously, baby got back and is tired of it so I’ve been dragging my sorry butt downstairs on a more or less regular basis and doing my ski thing. Of course I’ve noticed zippo improvement in the clothes fitting area but I feel slightly superior having done the working out. Especially when I really just wanted to hang around on my hinder watching CSI: Wherever. That I feel especially superior about (but not in a superior to you way, more a superior to the lazy me who would still be sitting on that couch) and I may have patted myself on the back a couple times for it too.

TheMan and I are also trying to eat a little more reasonably. We’re cutting down our portion sizes and evaluating our snacking. That brownie? WANT! That brownie? Not gonna have it. Resigned sigh. Again, in the week that has passed I haven’t noticed my pants getting any looser but I’m hoping. Any day now I’ll put those suckers on and say “Hey, check out my hinder! It’s not wedged as tightly in here as it was before. CoooOOoool.”

I do miss the brownie though.

This brings me to my odd Tuesday that did not include a FREE BROWNIE even though I had opportunity and motive. I went to my first “How to be a supervisor” class despite the fact that I’m not officially a supervisor. Back when I signed up the plan was that I was going to finally become my assistant’s supervisor but then They (the giant ants!) said “Ummm…no”. So I’m back to unofficially supervising the assistant position but my boss (now my boss boss after the Great Reorganization) said that I should take a more active role in the supervising and the classes were good training. So there I went.

They fed me lunch!

Anyway, one of my tablemates was So-in-so Miller (or Jones or whatever. So-in-so Pretty-common-last-name) and I thought to myself “I wonder if she is related to Mr. So-in-so Pretty-common-last-name that I used to work with?” But then I rolled my eyes at myself because please. How many Millers or Simpsons or whatevers are out there? Oodles, I tell you.

Then, in a totally different conversation, we got to talking about Monahan and his Florida craziness and I mentioned that I used to work in the building that houses Ave Maria before it was Ave Maria. Mrs. So-in-so Pretty-common-last-name was all “Oh. My husband works for that company.”

Well spank me and call me Sally, she was indeed the Mrs. to Mr. So-in-so Pretty-common-last-name. Not only that, but these are the Pretty-common-last-names that used to breed British Short Hairs and who I got Vande from. Sahweeeet. And also, what a small world. We talked cats for a little while and I let her know that Vande and Pumpkin (Vande’s litter-mate sister) were still kicking around and that Meow was also still trucking about. I guess Pididdle, the other litter-mate sibling, is also alive and padding around but they are the last of the Pretty-common-last-name’s cats.

My cats are going to be 13 years old this year. Yikes!

Mrs. So-in-so Pretty-common-last-name also told me that the cat that they used in Pet Cemetery (which is a British Short Hair BTW) is related to Vande-cat. I did not know that. Apparently they share a common great grandfather. Whooo! Vande is this close to being famous!

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2 Responses to “Six Degrees”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Oh! Here I thought you were talking about the weather.

    Vande is famous! We should find out that cat’s name, and put it in the Smithee db (if it isn’t already)….

  2. Boo Says:

    I thought of that, especially when I walked to work and froooooze my face off. I decided that it sounded clever that way so I left it. I also did some poking around for the name of the Pet Cemetery cat and of the purported 7 cats they used, I only found the names of two of them (Monty and Jabba the Hut). If I were to hazzard a guess, I’d say Vande is related to Monty just from the stories Mr. So-in-so Pretty-common-last-name told.

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