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Hey there! Hmmm, how to explain this with out getting all redundant or sidetracked (heh, TOO LATE!). The RCK originally answered a set of five questions in her live journal and opened up the forum for anyone to be interviewed (as per the agreement handed down from time immortal I guess) so I said, “Keen” and took her up on her offer. I thought it’d be kinda cool, and it is, and if you want to be cool too I can think you up five interview questions for you to put in your online blog thing (just leave me a comments in the comments section and I’ll put my thinking cap on). So without further ado, here are my interview questions from The RCK:

1) If you had to pick a fictional character to be (including all the bad parts of his/her life as well as the positives), who would it be and why?

Damn, I have answered all the other questions already and still I don’t have a good answer for this one. I’m awfully fond of the David Brin Uplift War Saga universe but there aren’t any characters that I can stand up and say “I identify with X person!” in the whole series. Bummer that, cuz it’s a really neat premise.

So I did some thinking and more thinking and the best I could come up with is Magnito from the X-Men world. Yeah, he’s got that certain je ne se “so what if I kill some mundanes” qua which I don’t especially agree with (at all) but then again, I haven’t been a holocaust survivor or a persecuted mutant either. I would hope I was a kinder better Magnito but maybe he was at one time and has become disillusioned with the fuzzy happy way of doing things. Who knows.

I do like the fact that he has an admirable goal in preserving his species and that he has the power to act on this goal. Noble intensions are all good and fine (and preserving a species is a pretty noble intension) but if you can’t do anything to further your intensions there really isn’t any point in having any. Ideas don’t exist in vacuums sort of thinking. Magnito has the ability to back up and promote his convictions. I always admired villains who were noble or just in a certain way of thinking.

Lastly, Magnito is not hindered by the “heroes code” or what ever you would like to call it. That whole “everyone must be saved at all costs” heroic philosophy that the X-Men (and many other heroes) seem to falter with. It’s a great ideology to try to attain but sometimes the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few and someone has to step up and take one for the team. Hey, it would suck if I was one of the few or one but if my squashed needs were able to guarantee that many, many more needs could be fulfilled I think I would be happy with that. You know, real needs, noble needs like the preservation of an entire people needs. Not ‘Joe Blow needs a TV’ set needs. How about we say ideals? That sounds like a much more worthy cause to defend.

Yeah, I’ll stick with Magnito although I’m really not that fond of his whole idea of killing people because they are different and have made his life difficult. Of course if person X tried to kill me first I’d have no trouble smacking them around with a (parked, empty) city bus or two.

2) What part of gaming do you enjoy most and why?

Hmmmm, one part? I think I like the whole group aspect of “solving the puzzle” while in character the best. Heh, I cheated and threw in some underling other things I like best about gaming with that sentence but it describes the best part about gaming as far as I am concerned.

I like the group dynamics of gaming. I like interaction with people in general and gaming is a way for me to play with group interacting that isn’t going to have any real world consequences. A character has a certain way they act and react to situations that may be different than the way the player acts and it’s fun to explore these parameters in the group setting and figure out how to work within the character’s parameters as well as work within the group dynamic.

On the other hand I find playing with people who are 100% the same as their character very disconcerting because it is extremely difficult to tell when they are in character and when they are not. They can say “pass me that thing” and you can’t tell if you need to respond to it in your character’s voice or your own voice and it can tend to rip me right out of the whole role playing aspect of role playing. Likewise I find it frustrating to play with people who can role play and have done so but continually interject out of context quotes while the game is going on. It takes me a bit to get into “character thinking mode” and when the party is tromping all through a medieval setting and someone says “Hey, that’s just like the Law and Order episode last night” it rips me right the heck out of the game setting and into the real world.

So once people are in character and interacting the last part is the solving of whatever thing needs to be solved. It could be coming up with points of a negotiation or the best plan to obliterate the enemy but being presented with a situation that needs action and acting on the situation as a group is really the best part of gaming. It is sort of three fold as, for me at least, the RP aspect and the group interaction aspect and the having a problem to solve aspect all have to be present to some degree for me to really enjoy gaming.

3) Do you think you’ll ever want to have kids? Why or why not?

Hell yeah. I think I have always wanted to have kids although I have never been really comfortable around small ones. Oddly enough, small kids seem to like me for whatever reason. Well they do when I am not giving them “The Look”. Then they run crying back to their mummies and/or daddies. Maybe I like working with kids but I am just uncomfortable talking ooglie googlie at them and maybe that’s why I get along with more of them then I think I should. Who knows.

I do want to have my own kids though; two of them. Only children annoy me (no offence to you onlies out there who I am sure are the exception that proves the selfish indulgent only child brat rule) because I find they have trouble with the concept of sharing (having never had a sib with which to develop that trait). Two kids also tend to play with each other and do not demand as much attention from adults. I learned this with cats (heh, pissing off a number of moms out there comparing children to cats. BAH! Deal with it); a single cats only source of entertainment is you, get another cat and the single cat can now beat up on the second cat which leaves you some time to yourself. Of course children are five, ten, fifteen times the work of cats but the basic principle still applies: One kid plays with you, two kids play with each other (three kids enter one kid leaves? No wait). Hey, my sis and I spent hours (I am sure blissful hours in the eyes of my mumses) amusing ourselves with our stuffed guys or horses or blocks and cars.

Any more than two kids and it’s utter chaos. How do moms of three or four or more deal with all them children? Ahhh! No thank you bob.

4) What would your dream job be like?

I’d most rather not do anything and get enough money for TheMan and I to live comfortably and have two kids. However I have been down the no-job route for enough time to know that if I have no set schedule my internal clock starts to do some pretty whacked out stuff. At one point in time I had settled in on a regular schedule that had me getting ready for bed at 6 a.m. and waking up at 3 or 4 p.m. Nothing else in the world except Meijers and on-line gaming happens at the hours I was awake and seeings as I am a bit of a social freak I was starving for company and getting little. Bad mojo for me.

So my ideal job would be something part time starting in the mornings and ending sometime at noon. I think TheMan and I could work a schedule that would leave our kids out of day care which would make me happy. Not that there is anything wrong with day care at all, but I would rather my kids grow up with one of the two of us being stay at home parents or tag team stay at home parents or whatever. I’m too much a sentimental poop to have my kids take their first step or say their first words in the care of strangers. Firsts are firsts and once any of those first milestones have been surpassed there is no going back. I want to be there when they happen. I want to witness these things first hand or second hand through my kid’s father rather than hear it from the day care person when I pick them up.

So what would I be doing for my half day? Heh, get this: Teaching kids. Yup, I want to teach. I love working with the karate kids and I get a kick out of getting people (any people) to understand what I am trying to teach them. It’s my rush I guess. I am not sure realistically what a half time position would get me in terms of a teaching job though. I suppose I could teach adults too, maybe teach them to read and write or maybe teach English to foreigners or maybe tutor kids or something. I haven’t given the perfect dream job much thought yet but it will have to do with teaching and most likely kids.

5) Are you enjoying the wedding planning process? Why or why not?

This one I’ll answer first even though it’s number five (which really wont matter by the time you are reading this because you will be reading them from the top down anyway but it saves me from doing that tough first thinker question at the moment). Yes and No. That’s my answer (hee) and I’ll explain. I don’t think TheMan and I are really into this whole big fairy tale super duper perfect wedding show thing of doom but rather we just want everyone to have a really good time at this gala party that we also happen to be getting married at. So, the whole getting things to all coordinate all at once is a royal pain in the keester. There are a million details to keep track of and a million dates where people want their money or they don’t show up plus we have to coordinate between many different groups all of which want info first or can’t tell us anything until the other guys answer questions to which they can’t say anything until the first peoples say something and Oi! I feel like I am hanging on by a thread and it will be a miracle if everything gets to where it’s supposed to be on the appointed date.

That said, if everything goes more or less OK I am going to have one kick ass time at my wedding and I hope other people feel the same way too. The planning is like a large life like puzzle involving people, places and our checking account and I love puzzles (as long as I don’t get brain stumped, then I hate them and have been known to throw small hissy fits until the answer works itself out. It’s a short coming to one prone to shiny! syndrome). I think TheMan and I have a vision (I know I sure do) of how we want our wedding to look and getting that vision into reality is a fun and challenging process. So far, things have been going rather smooth, compared to horror stories I have heard but there are also only about 3 more month left and things are picking up in pace. I have trouble juggling schedules sometimes when there are a lot of variables and I have been known to overlook small details (they wanted what when? Why? No one told me! Wah!) and while I have planned large scale things before for both the dojo and for my former work it’s different when it’s my own something. I want it to be better, faster, funner.

I’ll also admit I will be one happier camper when everything is said and done. Sometimes I think I’d rather have a justice of the peace thing and be the new Mrs. Q all quiet and simple like. Maybe we would throw a big “yay us” party in the summer or something but then I know I’d look back and regret not having something of a traditional wedding. Some part of me wants to walk down that isle in my lovely one time wear dress and see TheMan all handsomely decked out in a tux and have everyone watching as we say “Yeah, sure!”. So far we have all the major elements addressed (save the tuxes which we have to go take a look-see at and the invites which TheMan is doing something with) and provided all that is planned out pans out I don’t think I will have any worries. The puzzle is still working out nicely even though the closer we get the more challenges it presents.

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  1. theMan Says:

    We gots tuxes! Woo hoo!

    Actually, we got them Saturday, after this was written, but before it was posted…