That’s Not Perversion, That’s Dedication

The bug has been a little temperamental with the turn signaling lately and a quick diagnoses by Sis’s mechanic husband (his profession not his composition) assured us that all we needed was a flasher. Of course this set TheMan and I off into little giggle fits because really? Everybody’s problems should be as easy to fix as “needing a flasher”. Then we stepped outside into the 10 degree weather and decided that if anyone was out flashing in this they deserved a medal or at least a standing ovation. That’s dedication to your craft.

Hey, what do you know? It’s Monday again, which means I get to recap the weekend. Huzzah! Friday we probably froze our faces off, got brain damage from the cold and forgot what we did. Or at least maybe I did. I think we did a little Warcraft, possibly on the tiny toons, and then we went to bed. Maybe I went and did some shopping for Sunday. Oh right, I did do some shopping because I wanted to get breakfast fixins for Saturday but didn’t want to have to get up early Saturday morning to go shopping. I may have also worked out. That sounds good enough. Moving on!

Saturday we had sausage, egg and cheese biscuits courtesy of my having gone shopping Friday and settled down to play the usual Saturday morning Warcraft. I think we boogered around a bit and then did a cool troll dungeon (Zul Farak for those of you who are curious). I only lost one party member the whole time despite Midgie being Midgie. In fact, Midgie was the one who died because he was boogering around doing his own thing so I don’t feel too bad except I kinda do maybe a little. A perfect run would have been no deaths but what can you do when a clothie decides to “save” the plate wearing healer by AOEing the beegeebus out of a bazillion MOBs? MOBs don’t particularly like to have their beegeebus AOEd and they let Midgie know this. It took me by surprise though; all of the sudden BLIP – dead Midgie.

We said our Warcraft adieus and zoomed over to Mumses’s neck of the woods for an Anniversary Dinner Celebration party. Mumses and Mr. Paul have been married for…four years? Three years? They got married in ’04 so third anniversary? Something like that. Anyway, Mr. Paul’s parents wanted to take us all out (Mumses and Mr. Paul, TheMan and I, Sis and Husband) for a dinner at the local eatery. We came, we ate, we had a good time and then we went back to Mumses’s house for cake and coffee. COFFEE! Yeah, that pic of the outside temp was taken at three in the morning on Sunday because TheMan and I got home all wired with COFFEE and couldn’t sleep for a couple hours. What can you do? They have delicious coffee over there.

We also had a birthday celebration for me since Mumses and Mr. Paul would be in New Orleans during my birthday. Oh say, my birthday is coming up! I hadn’t realized that it was in just over a week. I was thinking that it was at the end of the month, which had to be at least two maybe three weeks off. Not so much!

Sunday we got together with Badmovie and LunarGeography for some Smithee movie watching and birthday Chinese. Mumses gave me some birthday money with instructions to “treat myself” so I decided to buy dinner for everyone. Birthday money well spent. I have enough left over to put some more $$ on my Starbucks card and save a little for responsible things. My mumses wrocks.

We watched the “B’ movie for Badmovie’s “26 movies in 52 weeks” (he’s going through the alphabet and watching a Smithee movie every two weeks) and were thoroughly entertained with Boa vs. Python. What do you do if you are an FBI agent trying to wrangle an 80 foot Python that’s holed up in the water treatment center of a town? Why get yourself a 70 foot Boa, tack on some cool tracking stuff, and sic it on the first snake. Brilliant!

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