Apparently, I’d Make an Excellent Dictator

Hee! My mommy gave me a 3 quart casserole dish for my birfday! At least I’m pretty sure it’s a 3 quart casserole dish because I asked for one for Christmas but never got one despite the following conversation:

Me: Hey mumses, if you don’t already have any ideas for a Christmas gift, I could use a 3 quart casserole dish.
Mumses: A 3 quart casserole dish? I’ve got one of those in the cupboard that I never use. You can take it right now…or should I wrap it and put it under the tree? I think I’ll wrap it; I need filler presents.

I mentioned to her that I didn’t get my casserole dish Christmas present when we came back to snag our Christmas loot so Mumses said that she’d wrap it up for my birthday. Thus, I am highly suspect that this is indeed a three quart casserole dish.

Although it could very well be a giant sized Heathkit HD TV. Mumses can be sneaky like that.

Thus begins my birthday week. LunarGeography, Badmovie, TheMan and I have concocted a birthday Smithee movie watching evening full of booz and cake for this coming Saturday and a coworker stopped in to see what kind of cake I wanted for Friday. Monday and today I sauntered over to Starbucks and treated myself to a tasty mocha, per my birthday money instructions, so all I need is some Wednesday and Thursday birthday happenings and I’m golden.

Today, before the Starbucks saunter, I had my second ‘How to be an AWESOMZ supervisor’ class. I can’t officially supervise but my boss decided that I ought to go to the classes because I’m doing the supervising anyway. Since that’s the case, I ought to know how to do it so off I went. It’s been pretty cool (all two classes…heh) and today we got our Disc assessment results back. I’m a very strong D (top of the class babE!), a strong i, an incredibly weak s (heh, they didn’t even have enough room to do a full range thing around my number because it was so low. Apparently, I’m not the docile type. Whoda thunk!) and a pretty lame c. That makes me a classic ‘inspirational pattern’ or the perfect little dictator.

Hey, we dictators inspirers get things done (aslongasitsdoneMYway).

Also? If you have a small political region that needs some firm ruling I’m your boo.

Heh, my mumses cracks me up sometimes.

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