Birthday Week Proceeds Apace

It just keeps getting better! Check this out: This little fella (above) was my birthday present to myself. Booniverse readers, meet Norbert – the cutest crawling eye monster you’ll ever be introduced to. He is also the 2008 Smithee stupid looking monster which means…I’m ahead of the Smithee promotions game. WHOOOO! I’ve got the SLM button designed before the Smithee clips from the Smithee Committee Members are even due. I wrock the wrockage yo.

Other than designing Norbert, I took myself out for coffee this morning on my recently loaded Starbucks card. Tomorrow, one of my coworkers is making me a most delicious sounding carrot and ginger cake (yum) and Scott H. is coming out from Chicago for some bad movie watching. TheMan is cooking a turkey! Awesome.

Saturday we’re hanging out at Badmovie and Lunargeography’s place for Night of the “Night of”s and some boozing as well as themed food. Badmovie has only two ‘Night of’ movies (Night of the Lepus and Night of the Sharks) so we thought we pick up some fish sticks and Badmovie is going to try his hand at Welsh Rarebit (I’m told it’s pronounced more like ‘rabbit’ but has no rabbit in it. Sources close to home say it’s a lot like cheese fondue). LunarGeography is going to make me the ‘darkest dessert she can think of’ and TheMan is going to make chocolaty chocolate ice cream. I might even make fudge to go in the ice cream. KRAZY!

Sunday is the actual day and the only thing that’s planned so far is breakfast in bed. Really, after all this hoopla, that sounds just about right. I love having my birthday spread out like this!

Speaking of birthday, because we were, I still have more than half my birthday money sitting on my dresser. My plan was to spend a little on ME! or things that make ME happy (like picking up the tab for Chinese) and then the rest I was going to do responsible grownup stuff with. However…there is just about enough left-over to cover the garden expenses I’ve been eyeballing. That’s responsible stuff right? I’m itching to finish off the front gardens and Jung Seeds has a nice sale on roses. And seeds and other plants but I’m thinking that I might just get me some roses this year so I can sit back and relax in my finally finished garden. That way I get to treat myself and do responsible adult stuff with the money. Win win!

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