Night of the “Night of”s

Alllllrighty. Today is the actual day of oldering and…I’m sick. Happy Birthday to me: *YARK*. I totally blame one of the hourlies (not mine, because my hourly can do no wrong and is awesome and all that since she does the part of my job I don’t want to do most of the time. Heh) because he came in Wednesday not looking as spry as he usually does. Then, half way through his shift, he mentions that he has a fever and chills. Fever and ch – WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING AT WORK THEN??!? Crimony.

Ergo, around 8:00pm this evening I started feeling off. Listen up you primitive presentee-ist screwheads: If you have the plague, stay home.

Buuuuuut I had a really good birthday run so I can’t be too ticked about getting ill in the final few hours. I CAN get ticked about Plague-boy spreading the love but I’ve had so much birthday fun all week that my contracting his disease didn’t put a damper on things.

Friday I had to go to the Secretary of State to renew the plates on my truck so I took off a couple hours early from work. I figured I’d do a little shopping (SAM’S RUN!) and then mosey on over to get the platework done before the crowds hit. So I did and wound up at the Seccy o’ States around 3pm. That would put me well after the lunch and late lunch crowd but before the “taking off from work a little early” crowd. Perfect timing I thought. Then I walked into the building and Holy Cow! Everybody and their brother were there waiting. My ticket was at least 30 away from the present number being helped. What’s THAT about? 3 pm?! What are all these people doing in my Seccy o’ State?

45 minutes later and $100 bucks lighter I was legal for another year. Do you know what’s cool? The Seccy o’ State has some sort of connected computer awesomeness which lets them peep at your insurance info so if you happen to forget it (yeah, hi) you haven’t made the trip for naught. Wrock! They do not, however, have the ability to change my damned maiden name from the truck registration despite my doing the name change dance at least twice. Truly. I’m starting to think I need to pick me up a sacrificial chicken and dance naked around the truck three times during a full moon before it’ll work. Crimony!

Then TheMan and I settled back for an evening with Scott H and some bad movies. Oh yes we did.

Saturday we headed on out to Badmovie and LunarGeography’s place for…an evening of CAKE and bad movies. Actually it was awesomely delicious brownies topped with chocolate ice-cream that was laced with sub par fudge. If ever you think to yourself “Hey self, you know what would be a righteous fudge experiment? Using those little semi-sweet M&Ms for the chocolate!” let me save you the pain. It isn’t. At all. Oh it might be a righteous experiment to throw in a handful of those tiny M&Ms but when you rely solely on just M&Ms to melt into delicious fudge you may be taken aback at how durable that candy coating is. Sure the M&Ms will melt, but they’ll do so in the shell which means the stirring needs to be accompanied by stomping in order to break up the shells. I had not anticipated that aspect of pure M&M fudge. It’s also really weirdly crunchy but at least the candy coating retains all its lovely colors.

We watched badmovies sum collection of Night of the “Night of”s movies (Sharks and Lepus respectively) and had fish sticks and Welsh Rarebit for dinner. Hence the fondue pot in the picture, which we were going to use for the Welsh Rarebit but we didn’t have a non scratch whisk. Fun facts about the pot tho; it has an electrical cord longer than God and does up fondue better than the sterno holder ones. Apparently, it also does up a mean boiled egg…which I found out when ‘He Who Salad Shoots Nilla Wafers to Make a Cheesecake Crust’ told me. TheMan has the oddest interpretation of “the right tool for the job”. We had a discussion about how old the pot may be, given its lovely 70s goldenrod color and I couldn’t pin point it back further than around 1980 or so. Yes, this is my childhood fondue pot. So I asked my mom about it and in fact it’s a little bit older than that. Apparently, it was a wedding gift from her first marriage which dates it back to at least 1967. CRIMONY!

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