Clever Title Thing

Heh, I ninja posted the interview questions because I can. My laziness knows no bounds on the weekend and although the interview was mostly ready to post I did not take the time to sit down and rework the whole Magnito question so I did not post it as I said I might on Saturday.

Why not? Glad you asked! I was terribly busy Saturday. Terribly. I did lots of urgently important things that postponed the posting of the interview questions. Terribly urgent. Pressing Life Things that sucked all my time away. Seriously though, TheMan and I got some stuffs done that needed to be getting done. We got up early on Saturday, which in itself is a sacrifice, and went over to the Great Harvest Bread Company for munchies. That was only to bolster our spirits for [cue reverb F/X] TUXEDO SHOPPING. (Ba-da-da-dam!)

It was painless. TheMan basically headed the boat on this one although I did get some say (not so fond of the tie thing that is coming into fashion. It makes the tux look like a suit and unless TheMan pitched a royal fit I was putting the foot down on the ties). The final selection was some sort of 2 button (?) coat thing with nice lapels and cool lined pockets (I noticed the pockets), no tails and in black. The shirts are going to be off white (cus my dress is “candlelight” rather than blinding virginal white. Of doom) and TheMan decided to go with this collar button thing. Don’t know what that is about but it was pretty cool and different. There will be vests (in a burgundy leaf pattern for the guys and a gold leaf pattern for TheMan) and square shoes. I was told square shoes are a good thing although I am not so keen on the looks. I figure TheMan knows about men’s dress shoes so if square toes keep his piggies happy, they keep him happy and when he is happy I am happy. I love square shoes!

As a side note, the mall looks like an urban war zone. I guess they are renovating.

We tootled back to the house in time to grab the truck (and all the bazillion bottles in the bed that we had to return) and head out to TheRCK and her husband’s house. We got a bit of Delia lessons and the tot did not burst into tears (or flames) when I held her. I got the bouncing action going on! TheMan faired well too and I think we passed the first test for potential baby sitters. We played the Saturday game with Delia bobbing around and it was a lot less distracting than I thought it would be having a tiny baby in the gaming room. Not that she can be crated or cribbed or what have you while we gamed, because she’s a baby and all but she was remarkably well behaved.

The again her dad has the golden touch and was able to get squalling kid to be angel perfect in about three bounces. Every time. It was kinda creepy in that amazing “How the hell does he do THAT” sort of way.

I think we might have played Neverwinter the rest of Saturday. Maybe? Well we did play it on Sunday and the real module too. It was fun but I think we outclass the bad guys. I’m running a human cleric/barbarian while TheMan runs a ranger/wizard and we hired a halfling thief and a ogre fighter type. There is nothing we can’t get into or go through it seems. Pretty cool. My only crank is that I am having a hell of a time piloting the character around. I hate the point and go mouse method but the camera doesn’t change when you key shift the character around. I guess that wouldn’t be so bad but I can’t tell front from back so more often than not I am driving completely the wrong way. Garh. I suppose I’ll get used to it.

We also hosted the Sunday game so we did a bit of cleaning. You know what though? Since I had done a deep scrubbing the Saturday before there was nary a cat hair (or maybe a small kitten’s worth at most) to clean up. Joy! A small bit of vacuuming, some straightening up and a bit of swiffering and wala! Clean. Gotta love that. The game went well but slowly. I think it is the nature of that game to go at that pace. The GM packs a whole lot of info into every session so typically a day or two only goes by in game terms. Maybe I’m just impatient because crazy cool things happen at the beginning of every month. 20 more game days until the next game month. Whooo.

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