Unlike my mumses, who has a whole “birthday Month” (March, in case you were wondering. And also heads up since there are only 31 more days to go before Birthday Month craziness starts. Believe you me; you will be thanking me for the lead time because no one is safe from Birthday Month), I’m happy with “Birthday week”. We started a little early this year on the Saturday before “Birthday Week” and celebrated in small ways until Sunday (day of). I was thoroughly satisfied. I like stringing out my birthday in little bits over a handful of days.

So imagine my surprise when I stepped out the door today and almost tripped over a package. At first I thought it was the Smithee clip tapes (bwa!) but…it was addressed to ME! SQUEEE! Then, when I got in to work, there was a birthday card in my keyboard and an e-mail message from the unit I’m loaned out to letting me know there were birthday cupcakes to be had. SQUEEE! My birthday totally wrocked this year.

Sadly, my “How to be an AWESOMZ supervisor” class…didn’t. It was mediocrely meh today although I did come up with a great end of the class skit idea. Yeah, we have to break into groups and do a presentation on what we’ve learned. Feh. However, I started thinking that it would be really cool and fun to do the presentation Dr. Seuss style. Then I began to wonder if I couldn’t go further and do something like “managing styles as portrayed by different Dr. Seuss books” which would be even more cool. Sadly, I only own Green Eggs and Ham and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish so I don’t have a wide selection of source material. Maybe this means I need to go buy more Seuss books!

Lastly, I’m having trouble drawing a Chupacabra and it’s pissing me off. My latest and greatest Smithee Promotions Ninja plan is to create a set of Chupacabra buttons where one says CHUPA! and the other, with a mirror image Chupacabra, says CABRA! Brilliant! Except for any reliable source material to go off of. Apparently no two people agree about what a Chupacabra looks like. Loch Ness monster? Pretty much long snaky neck with flippers beast. Chupacabra? Anything from a weird looking Gray (the alien type, not a civil war soldier) to some sort of mutant dog. That’s two completely different body types people!! ARRRGH!

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