Put a Fork in It…

January’s done.

Woah…did January just zip by like that? I swear the Earth has gotten a little closer to the sun and is spinning a little bit faster because this month just trucked on by. Zoooooom!

I’ve got a bunch of bits and ends for you today and I just don’t want to put forth the effort to be all coherent like. Ergo, SAST!

Wow, I have a ton of stuff waiting in the wings for the JSFR. I’m pretty sure that if I reviewed them all and posted a review every week I could have reviews done well into July. I should totally do that and see how far I get but I’m lazy and that’s a lot of effort. Still, I’ve got the last snack from J-List that badmovie bought the first time (which we are waiting for another similar snack to show up on J-List so we can review them in tandem), the handful I bought for the interim between the last of the first J-List and the rest of the J-List, the rest of the J-List order, half the DQ Christmas gifting, snacks that came back with LunarGeography and badmovie when they went out west, snacks my coworker left me, and now birthday snacks from the Qs. My JSFR snack storage spot runneth over!

I’ve been doing more brain melting work with Excel as of late because STATISTICS are the in thing around these parts. At least at work, I could care less about statistics at home unless they were really cool statistics and I didn’t have anything to do with compiling them. I’m still wrestling with my beautifully designed Excel file, trying to get it to spit out a monthly compilation of the department’s statistics as prettily as it spits out a yearly one. It’s not a horrible process but it’s a think-y process because I have to keep track of where multiple numbers are coming from (and what I’m then doing with them) since my department loves them a compound statistic. Yessiree Bob. The more places we can draw numbers from, the happier we are.

We’re also really enthusiastic with the tweaking. I’m all for getting a thing right but I wish we did more “getting it to look the way we want during the draft revisions” process and less “massive restructuring during the final version” process. Excel isn’t very user friendly when you are trying to generate a final report thing-it and it’ll go into epic failure mode at the drop of a hat. For instance: Say you wanted to change a sheet from portrait to landscape. You can click the “make it landscape” button but unlike Word, Excel won’t adjust your stuff to fill the space. That’s got to be done manually. Then, if you happen to select the entire worksheet (say the finalized August stats) and overwrite another worksheet (say the September Stats) Excel will transfer all the formatting over but the page conversion. I discovered this the hard way when I printed out my September stats and got 700 pages with random boxes all over the place. Le sigh.

Excel is awesome at number manipulation but is teh suXX0r at pretty report pages. Word doesn’t do math and that’s the limit of my choices right now.

My grumble for today (Excel aside): I’m sort of tired the “heavy hitter” bloggers getting all these blog awards year after year. There are a couple bloggers who have achieved this kind of ‘demigod’ (hee, demiblog! I almost wrote that instead) status on teh intertubes with their 14 billion readers and web longevity and whatnot. Good on them but it seems like those same few bloggers are always nominated for some sort of internet blogging award. So Demi-Bob blogger writes this awesome entry in 2004 and it’s a really good entry and hells yeah he deserves to be nominated for best whatever of 2004. Right on. But then 2005 rolls around and hey! Demi-Bob’s on the boards again. And again in 2006 and again in 2007. There’s a lot of blogs out there (and some of them are actually good), is Demi-Bob really better than all the other blogs year after year? Or is it that Demi-Bob just has a bigger fan base than all the other blogs out there?

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