Little Geek Rides Again

Ooooo, I have a fun bit of geekery to relate to y’all. At least *I* think it’s fun. Anyway, Stalker Patti was talking in her blog about her school kids (she’s a teacher for the mostly blind) and their need for more 1337 m4th 5ki11z. Someone in the comments mentioned this fella Layman E. Allen and his spiffy think-y games (specifically Equations) as a possible resource tool. I think the commenter took a class of his at which he plugged his games, or at least that’s the sense I got from the comment. Stalker Patti seemed intrigued by the whole concept.

I, on the other hand, have never taken a class by Professor Allen and I don’t think I’ve ever met him but I have played his games. Including Equations. What a small world. In case you were wondering, in the pic above the bright green one is Equations, the sort of burgundy one is On-Sets, the traffic cone orange one in the back is Linguistics, the blue one is Wff ‘n Proof and the more subtly orange one is Propaganda. Back in middle school I was on a competitive team that used to play these games (all but Propaganda – that was a Christmas present from my Sis…who was on the geek team as well. She also gave us an On-Sets and a Wff ‘n Proof) and yes…I also own them. What??!? You never know when a Math game could come in handy.

And it has too no? I mean, how serendipitous is it that Stalker Patti knows someone who knows the game creator AND someone else who has played the games? Very much so, I think, thus I left a comment for Stalker Patti saying that I could loan her the games if she was interested. Thus, I have completed the circle and have become ‘Stalker boo’ to Stalker Patti’s stalking. Brilliant!

I also have some ideas on how to make a couple of the games more ‘mostly blind’ friendly.

Stalker Patti best not be interested in Wff ‘n Proof though because that one’s bitchin hard and I don’t think I still have my notes on how to do all the proofs. High School Calculus notes? Still got ’em. How to play the damned logic game? Nope. Equations and On-Sets I’m still pretty confident that I could explain. Maybe Linguistics too but I’m not sure I have the official playing mat anymore. It had all the rules printed on it. Heh.

We tried out Propaganda up north with the Qs and it made our brains melt.

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  1. Patti Says:

    What we should do, is find someone else to stalk and stalk him/her TOGETHER. That would be beautiful to behold.
    Thanks again re: the games. You were smart in high school, obviously. I was what you might call “goth”…lots of bad poems (mostly about nuclear war), lots of black, etc. Good times.

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