A Year of Crocheting

Hooooo! A little more than a year after I began crocheting project 3 and 3a (or was it 3a and 3b? It’s been so long that I’ve forgotten!) and today I have finally (finally!) entered the last stage of blanketing: Assembly. I’m itching to do a large scale project now so I can have something to snuggle under as I make it. Winter is the best time for making blankets cuz they are functional as you make them. Cozy.

My mom is going to have kittens as she’s been after me for the better part of a year to make her a poncho. I keep telling her that her poncho is in the line up but I didn’t expect it to take an entire year to make and clean up 144 little squares (OK, hexagons really but squares in the assembled crochet bits lingo). They still have to be assembled into two blankets and then I have Alessar’s project to tackle. After that, the poncho. Of doom!

I’ll probably take the poncho to ConBust and work on it there since Alessar’s blanket should be done or too big by then to take on the plane. So mumses? End of March, come hell or high water, your poncho will be started.

Yesterday, as I chunked through an amazing number of ‘squares’, LunarGeography. Badmovie, TheMan and I watched the Smithee clips from the Sultan. Hee. It was a long watch though so we didn’t get to Fearless Leader’s clips like we had planned. I guess that means we’ll just have to go back over there (or have them come to our house) sometime this week. WHEEE! Man I love this part of the Smithees; it’s really fun to watch the show get assembled (in the “what is going to be in the show” sense; not the actual physical clipping and editing sense). Final arguing over clips has started and should be wrapped up by Valentine’s Day. Awwwwww.

Saturday we met up with Stalker Patti for reals at the local brew pub. It’s a relatively new offshoot of one of my very favorite A2 pubs so when it opened I was all sorts of excited by the prospect of awesome beer in my back yard. Sadly, the experience was borderline Meh (the low border, not the high one) so TheMan and I decided to seek elsewhere for our local brewage until they got a better handle on things. Since Stalker Patti and her husband are hard core regulars, TheMan and I decided it was about time to give the local pub another go.

What a difference a year and a half makes. They actually have food-food (versus pretzels, chips and a snobby attitude FREE with every purchase), albeit rather simple food, but food none the less. The “limited” menu had a smattering of sandwiches, nachos, brats and one or two other things on it which was nice to see. I got a turkey sandwich, it was tasty in a simple turkey sandwich sort of way. I also got beer. Lots of beer. BEER! Good thing we were walking home.

We closed the place down with Patti and her husband and had an awesome time.

Friday was Bourne night with DQ. We got our first Netflix movies in (SQUEEEE) and since they were all 3 Bourne movies, we planned a movie thing. Sadly, the second movie had a bit of a rough ride and arrived cracked in two. A condition we didn’t discover until after watching the first movie. Sigh. So instead we put in a Smithee movie. Of course we did!

2007: Busy crocheting and not updating.

2006: JSFR: Ame No Shu

2005: You want to hear something really sad? I learned to crochet in ’96 and since that time I’ve completed 2 full sized afghans, 1 baby blanket and 2 scarves (which used the same pattern).

2004: Bitch kept grabbing my best sleeping pillow, how was I supposed to catch a comfy 40 winks before the monsters came in and ate us?

2003: Still crocheting.

2 Responses to “A Year of Crocheting”

  1. Patti Says:

    We had an awesome time, too! Can’t wait to do it again 🙂
    I had no idea that you had a bad first experience…!! We can go to the Parent Brewpub, too–I promise!!
    Also, there is going to be a “real menu” soon…they had a preview at the Summer Throwback Party and it was all good. I even got in touch with my 2/3 non-Jew self and ate the pork ribs. Ohhhhh goooooooood.
    See you soon!

  2. Patti Says:

    PS: I need to know what group you’all are in WOW…the website said that I couldn’t talk to you if we are in different groups?!?! Did I misunderstand that??? (Remember, special people teach special ed, so I am sometimes quite slow on the uptake)

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