First Official Random Post of ’08

TheMan ran across this meme, and because I must perpetuate (cool) memes least they fall into extinction, I post it here for you:
The first article title on the page is the name of your band.
The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.
The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

Using your favorite graphics program combine these three elements to design your album cover and post the result.

I like Foligno Airport for a band name and I think the pic was totally appropriate too. The pic was grabbed from this site and may I say, diology takes some wikid pics. Go have a look, I do not think you will be disappointed. I did a second album meme and actually Wikied up a band. How’s that for weird?!? The quote was awesome as well but the pic was so full of fail I can not even begin to describe it. Why do people post random stoopid crap up on flicker?

Well I guess why not but seriously. My awesome second album meme was totally crashed because someone posted a pic of them shopping or eating or something. Whatever. At least I got a decent first band meme thing; I would have been righteously indignant if the stoopid picture had popped up on my first try.

Hey! Today is Fat Tuesday! Wrock! Except I had to go to How To Be an AWESOMZ Supervisor class. It not only cut into my Paczki enjoyment time but the “optional” staying after until 2pm wasn’t as much optional as it was expected. Damn people nixed my Pizza Posse plans with their “optional”. Hate. I did grump at The Man until he stopped at Starbucks so I could get my Paczki (and a mocha, bonus! Last of my Starbuck’s card birthday money well spent!) but it’s just not the same. A fella at work always brings in the real deal and I did not get one because I had to learn how to be an AWESOMZ supervisor. We at least got to play with Tinker Toys today so all was not lost.

Then, after being force opted to stay after, I took a different exit out of the building and wound up just outside the stadium. How? No idea. That building must go on for ever. But! I was feeling up for an adventure so I set off in a direction that I thought might get me where I wanted to go. I was a little confused because I couldn’t remember which side of the stadium the basket ball arena place had to be on for me to be pointing workwards, but the stadium was on a major road so I thought I’d walk up and give it an eyeballing. So I did and I discovered a tunnel! Under the major road! So I took it and wound up at the golf course club house. Hrrrm. I wandered around and then found the major road again and set off. Twenty minutes later and muddy from head to toe (don’t ask) I found out I was going in the complete opposite direction that I needed to be. I was ‘splorin!

It took me 45 minutes to get back to work but I made it 45 minutes of hustle so I counted it for exercising. Huzzah!

I also got some yarn from Alessar for his blanket project. WHEEE! So of course I jumped into it full throttle and spent the evening hours happily puttering away on a large blanket project. YAY! We also got the replacement Bourne 2 disc in so we popped Bourne 2 and Bourne 3 into the player and had a movie night. I need to get to bed earlier than this.

BTW: Happy Birthday shout outs to Dirge, Addie and Gwen.

2007: I think he had to type in my license number to make sure I wasn’t a bad egg, except there was no Q on the type-pad. None. Apparently, nobody’s last name begins with Q so they didn’t bother to put one on.

2006: No memes in need of saving today.

2005: Alessar’s choice of yarn reminds me of chocolate. I’m hungry now.

2004 : HaHO! And a Happy Birthday to Dirge, Gwen and Addie.

2003: Man am I feeling good this morning. I took one of those 9 hour naps and woke up today at 4am.

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