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Blimy! Today is one of those days in which I managed to blog every single day it came around. I’m trying to maintain those days (as well as days I didn’t blog at all) because once you mess up a stat like that, there no getting it back. Besides, I could care less about two days or one day or four days or whatever.

Lately, Little Kitty has taken up residence in a paper bag we put up on the couch. It had started life a month ago as the paper bag under the rocking chair and was a huge hit for about a week. Then she wouldn’t even give it the time of day until we moved it out from under the chair. Lo! A completely! New! Bag! It was Teh Awesomz for three days. Last week we relocated it to the couch and managed to rejuvenate the bag appeal. It’s become her second most favorite spot EVER! (The first being the top of the old recliner) She couldn’t get into it Monday so she slept on top of it instead until we took pity and fluffed it out. NEW! BAG!

But then, oh THEN a turf war started. Isaak is practically never about the bag but Tuesday night, moments after Little Kitty de-bagged herself to wander off and get a drink, he quick zipped in and claimed the bag spot. Hooo, he was asking for a beat down of epic proportions because BAG! It’s the Little Kitty’s secretest most holy nap spot ever and he? He had the audacity to be IN THE BAG when she got back. I tell you, it was a tense time here at the Q house.

We got our replacement Netflix disc in for the Bourne 2 disc that was cracked in half so we had a bit of a movie night the other day. The next flick arrived with the mail this morning so maybe Friday we’ll be viewing The Prestige. WOOOOO! We’re movie watchin’ fools we are and I’m totally going to catch up on every single crocheting project I’ve ever dreamed of if we keep adding things to our queue. At the moment, we have over 200 movies lined up to watch. We’ve taken to boogering around the Netflix archives and recommendations pages and finding stuff we want to see. Netflix WROCKs yo.

Speaking of crocheting, Alessar’s blankie is puttering along pretty awesomely. I’m having a weird “love/don’t love so much” relationship with it though. (And here’s where I start talking crocheting…which might get boring. Feel free to skip ahead.) It’s got four basic rows, two of which are pretty much the same row repeated. The repeated rows are really fun because they form the blobby part of the pattern with a series of one high stitch, one and a half high stitch, two high stitch, two high stitch, three high stitch, three high stitch, two high stitch, two high stitch, one and a half high stitch, one high stitch and then two spacer sort of stitches that make a free floating bridge-y thing (sc, hdc, dc, dc, tc, tc, dc, dc, hdc, sc, ch-2 for those of you in the know). WHEEEE! For some reason, I really like making the blobbies.

Then the pattern runs two basic rows of boring stitches to make a thin stripe between blobbies (basically two rows of sc). This isn’t so bad except the row that goes on top of the blobbies isn’t hooked in directly on top of the blobby row but instead is offset a little (crocheting in the front of the stitches only). It makes the blobbies puff out just a tad and also creates a neat little yarn ridge at the top of every blobby. That’s kinda cool but hard to do because of the yarn and the fact that I keep accidentally also grabbing the part that makes the stitch not offset. Whoops. Still, it’s a cool but subtle effect. The other neat part about the first boring row on top of the blobby rows is that it could care less about the two spacer sort of free floating bridge-y stitches. The instructions read “Those bridge-y bits? Just crochet right the hell over them.” (sc in the sc spaces created by the boring stitches row sitting under the current blobby rows.) That’s pretty fun. SQUARSH!

I took a couple of vacation hours at the end of the day today to go to a doctor’s appointment and also to run some errands. Sadly, the weather started getting Uuuuugly and I wound up 10 minutes late to the doctor’s office. So I reported in and they were all “Oh. Well I don’t know about that. I’ll have to check back and see if they can take you now that you’re late.” 10 minutes? Are you kidding me? When has the doctor ever gotten to me in less than 10 minutes when I’ve shown up on time? How about…never? And gimmie a break, the weather sucks and TEN MINUTES! I would have been sitting around cooling my heels for that long if I were on time anyway. But no. Apparently the world comes to a crashing end if *I’m* late no matter that I’ve sat around for up to 45 minutes when they’ve been running late. Those mutherfuckinghypocriticalcocksuckingratbastards.

I declined to “reschedule” and stomped out. I thought I might at least get home way early after running all my errands but the roads got so narst that 20 miles an hour was flying. I pulled into the drive at about the same time I would have had I hustled home on a normal day. At least it didn’t take me two hours to inch home like it did most of the evening commuters so yay for small favors I guess.

2007: So they’ve formed these teams to compete against each other in friendly camaraderie and work-outmanship and yadda yadda get your fat ass moving cakes.

2006: On Saturday we got a package from Japan! Full of Japanese Snack foods! YAY!

2005: JSFR: Decorer Pocky – Fraise au Chocolate

2004: If you could edit football down to the action sequences the game would be a half hour long.

2003: I do like Charlie tho, he was the coolest cockroach I have ever dreamed about.

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