May You Live in Interesting Times

What the hell??!?

I went out to lunch with Alessar today to celebrate Chinese New Year (which was actually yesterday but I got bad info and thought it was today) and I got this as my fortune. Blimy! I of course added it to the collection of weird and belligerent fortunes we have on our fridge because I love me a cranky Confucius. This one ranks up there with the one we got that said “You should remember better the Golden Rule”.

Hey, wait…are you even listening to me?

Today’s weather was a little Meh with a side of bleh and an extra helping of “What the hell is going on with the roads??!?” There is one road on the way in to work that was either laid over swampland or it rolls right over an Indian burial ground. Or both. It’s so chock full of potholes that we sort of relish those really icy days because the water tends to smooth out the ride. True, it also makes it dangerously slickery but at least your teeth don’t rattle in your head as you’re plowing into oncoming traffic. Buuuut it’s sort of a local given that this road sucks and every 10 years when they rip it up and pave it over we get at least a season on smooth sailing (sans ice).

Then, on my way in to work on Wednesday I noticed a giant pothole in the road right by our house. It hadn’t been looking in poor shape (like the first road always does) but suddenly BAMN! Giant car eating hole. I’m talking about a foot wide by about two foot long pothole that materialized out of nowhere. So I began to look more closely at the roads and all of them are showing excessive wear. I totally blame the weird freezing/thawing cycle we’ve been having lately. 4 degrees one day and 40 the next? That can’t be good. Damned weather is chewing holes in my roads. Stoppit.

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