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Here’s my bitch for today: My cappuccino tastes like ASS. If I wanted coffee this bad I would have pissed in a cup of warm milk myself for free and at one tenth the time it took the barista to make the damn thing. Oh, my apologies, I meant the baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssta. Seriously, it took her 10 minutes to even get to my order (large skim cap) because she had to make three other drinks ahead of mine (and one was a daily coffee that she just had to go over and pour from the coffee pot). I can understand waiting because it’s busy but the only reason there was a wait at all was because barista-poke was moving at a leisurely geologic speed. I don’t think I have ever seen a more laid back service employee, except maybe one that’s dead.

So I am drinking a large luke warm “cappuccino” with maybe a half centimeter of foam. That’s being generous. It’s a good thing the base coffee is palatable (the saving grace) but man I hate milky coffee. I’ll take it black thanks if you are going to throw the whole cow in there. Moooo!

Here’s my entitled sense of accomplishment for today: We have dinner music and most of a cocktail hour in tunes! Whoo! TheMan and I mutually decided that we Did. Not. Want. to interview DJs so we set out (in January) on a mission to cobble together music for dinner (classical) and dancing (ummm…danceable). Later we added a cocktail hour list of tunes (jazzy bluesy) for variety. We have an iPod, we have a hell of a CD collection and we can rent a sound system. Wala, tunes! Our plan is to hit the big green button (OK, it’s not really green), walk away and let whomever come up and play DJ if they wish. We can also just set the iPod on GO! and let it play its little heart out.

We have enough music to accomplish said goal, with perhaps a little help from the iTunes store or friends’ collections, but the key point was the whole “cobbling together” idea. You know, actually sitting our asses down and going through the damn CD collection and selecting stuff that works. Back, way back, at the end of January I ripped (hee! I slay me!) through our classical collection to find appropriate dinner music (that which is not tragically sorrowful, stridently demanding, drowsily downbeat or just plain creepy) and came up with a paltry hour and a half of continuous tunes. I wanted three. No big, I thought, we have just as many if not more sound tracks to poke through and that will probably round out the list nicely.

Here it is in August (sixmonthslater) and last night I finally sat down and waded backwards through the soundtracks (heh, I was sitting in a chair and the Zs were the easiest to reach). Well back to P at least. In three hours I discarded many a “Melancholy salad”, “Dinner! It’s what’s for Dinner!”, “Snoozing in the soup” and “Suspense dinner” tune only to find I was a bit short. At the time I was also picking dance tunes or cocktail hour tunes as I came across them so when I grabbed the Scott Joplin disc for the cocktail hour I happily discovered that ragtime is a most very appropriate dinner hour genera. Bonus! Good old Scott brought me up to three hours and a mission accomplished! Whooo! Now all I need is to poke through the big band music to round out cocktail hour and compile six hours of dance tunes. I have 40 minutes.

Anyone know some good dance tunes?

Here’s my lazy cheeto-butt story for today: So in order to do the bowflex six weeks to a better body, umm, you have to start it right? *sigh* Well, I did get up early this morning and work out (20 minutes my ample ass! Try 45. Bastards) so that’s something and technically if I work out on Friday and Sunday it will have been a three days a week workout but I really wanted to start it out right on Sunday night. Or Monday morning, or Monday night or Tuesday morning or…you see where this is going? Maybe next week I’ll be more on track.

I have tunes though, and I can still count this week as the starting week for my “six weeks to a better body” if I do some fudging so yay me? Yeah, yay me.

Here’s my e-mail amusement for today: “Some of us have experienced a problem with spontaneous rebooting of our computers. Installing the latest Microsoft critical security patch will help protect against this vulnerability.” Heh, IT sent us that gem early this morning. What? A Microsoft security leak? Why, this never happens. I’m shocked! Shocked to discover gambling in this establishment. Wait…

2 Responses to “Random Wednesday Bits”

  1. dirge Says:

    Tunes —> What, no Rob Zombie dinner music?

    The security leak… I read something about a worm that replaces the auto-update so you can’t patch the thing, but it only affects Windows XP and 2000. I’m pretty certain the U is using 2000, though. *Grins*

  2. boo Says:

    Oh, that was just the Zs of the soundtracks. I have yet to dally over to the “music” collection. Hmmm….Rob Zombie…that has potential! Heh, I am thinking of how to sneak in some Suicidal Tendencies without TheMan knowing. Do you think the great aunts will much mind Send Me Your Money?

    *chucklesnort* OK, THAT is just great; a worm that prevents a patch to get rid of the worm. That makes my day complete.