The Yearly Booniverse Technology Daemon Poking

Hello Booniverse readers! We’re once again taking sharp sticks to the technology daemons to see what comes out of it. Hopefully we’ll be back with a new shiny more year of the rat-tastical booniverse, but if the daemons object to the poking we might be down a tad longer than we expect. The daemons didn’t respond too well last time we gave ’em a poke, but this time we’ve got new sticks. Huzzah! Also, wish us luck.

2-14-08 EDIT: OK, the archives and I are having a bit of a go around but (ir)regular posting should be back up tomorrow…assuming the technology daemons have gotten all the fun out of their system. It’s been an interesting week of technology failure here at the Q house.

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  1. Kevin Says:

    With no archives, it feels more like the boonies than the booniverse. How can I get by witho– OOH, SHINY!

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