The Boring Weekend Thing

OooooOOoooo! Shiny!

I know, I know, I owe you JSFR junkies a review. Working on it! After all, it’s not like I lack sufficient goodies to snack on now is it? In fact, I even have notes on a couple but as usual they are waiting for me to up and get the camera out and blah blah photography cakes. They might also be waiting for me to actually write the review but it sounds better if I just cop to not having taken the pictures yet.

Hey, check this out, I remember what I did Friday. TheMan was feeling kinda low so I stopped off at Whole Foos (AKA Whole Paycheck, six of one and all) and picked up a bottle of Chianti and some cheeses. Every once in a while we do a wine and cheese dinner and I thought that Friday would be an excellent wine and cheese dinner pick me up. Besides, we had a new NetFlicks disc in (queue at 250).

We popped in the movie, settled down and had a lovely evening. I even got quite a bit done on project 3a. By the way, the Prestige, our NetFlicks movie of the evening, was a really good movie but I didn’t care too much for the characters. One never really got over an obsession and the other never really was sorry for something he had done. However, David Bowie was awesome as Nicola Tessla.

Saturday was WoW (the game) as usual. My weekends have become one day affairs since we’ve become Warcraft sloths but at least I can get some laundrycrafting done during that time. Which I didn’t but I *could* have. Focus on the potential! I think I got a level or two or something. Maybe we did an instance. Whatever. I spent the whole day in my PJs, it was awesome!

Sunday was Bubbles last day at the Sunday game (sniff) since she’ll be moving down to Virginia by March. The Michigan branch of her company shut down (thank you glorious economy) and she was told she could relocate to Virginia or Kanses or be unemployed. She chose to relocate much to our sadness (and her pocket book’s well being). As Bubbles is also one of my meatatarian friends, we made a chocolate bacon crunch sorbet to celebrate. Of course we did. The scary thing was that it was really, really good. How does bacon do that? Bubbles had some things and stuff to return/give out which reunited us with a book or two but also netted us the tasty Halloween lights shown above. CANDY CORN LIGHTS!!!!! How cool is that. We’ll miss Bubbles terribly when she goes but I got some sweet lights out of the deal.

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  1. Bubbles Says:

    I’m glad you like the lights. I suspected that you would, given your affinity for SHINY! Will miss you guys too, sniff sniff.

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