Pissed Off Daemons

So…I had mentioned the yearly stick poking the other day and the Technology Daemons have pretty much left the booniverse alone for the most part. The archives will take a little bit to organize and get back online but I’ve fixed the front page so that you can at least get some booniverse love for a week or so until the posts slide into archive obscurity. I’m hoping to have everything all bright and shiny new by March, which should include fixing all the archive weirdness and having correct links within the body of the posts. Whooo!

Meanwhile, the technology Daemons have been ignoring my dinking with the booniverse because they have found all sorts of other things to play with. I had mentioned, I think, that the screen to TheMan’s powerbook has begun to fail one pixel at a time. He’s been working around two permanent cyan lines that run up and down his screen for quite a few weeks but this morning another line popped up to keep the first two company. Niiice. Apparently, it’s a known flaw for the model…which is quite a bit older than the warrantee. Do they plan that sort of thing? We’ve budgeted for a fancy new computer for him so the Technology Daemons’ playing isn’t too terrible.

Oh, did I mention that a week or two ago the Bug’s blinker frotzed out? It still works in a manner of speaking but you have to manually blink it on and off assuming you can find the sweet spot in which it will actually blink. We look like a spasmodic freak show whenever we try to turn.

Then Monday night as we were watching Batman Begins (fantastic movie) I noticed that the side of the TV closest to me was slightly yellowy in that ‘TV beginning to fail’ sort of yellow. Great. Granted, I got that TV in 1994 and it’s moved to 5 separate places with me (facing backwards and strapped into the truck’s front seat) so it’s definitely put in its time. I’m hoping that we can live with a slightly yellow right side of the TV because…

Tuesday as we were playing Warcraft, I was a bit alarmed when the world slowly started getting dark. I was convinced I had contracted quick acting glaucoma until I realized that the darkness was just the giant 400 year old CRT screen failing on us. Because a powerbook, car and a TV just wasn’t enough fun for the Technology daemons I guess. We dinked with the gamma and the this and the that until I could reasonably see where I was going. More or less. More on the less part but the nice thing about having the secret computer graveyard living in your upstairs is that a replacement monitor is reasonably easy to locate. Sadly, none of our old monitors are as big as the dying giant 400 year old CRT monitor of doom.

I think I got even more done on project 3a Tuesday.

Today, TheMan called me up to say that he figured out what the ratchety noise the PC has been making is. Was. Whatever, apparently the video card gave up the ghost this morning and released all its magic blue smoke. Zorch. I tell you, the Technology Daemons are having so much fun with us I’m leering of touching anything of ours remotely connected with electricity. We can’t afford a new computer, car repairs, a TV, a new monitor, a new video card and a toaster or a microwave or whatever decides to break next. TheMan was able to repurpose an old video card for the PC (Yay ancient upstairs computer graveyard! As an interesting side note, the video card was scavenged from Frankencomputer. How appropriate is that?) but we don’t have the graveyard for alarm clocks or washers or what have you in our house. Yikes! These Daemons are out of control!

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  1. Patti Says:

    You’re back on-line!! YAY!!!

  2. Boo Says:

    More or less sorta. Still working on the archives and hoping to get everything all happy like sooner rather than later but for now, there is booniverseness happening somewhat on the front page. Which reminds me, I need to do up a JSFR for today.

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