After VD

I really hate the abbreviation “VD” for Valentine’s Day but it also amuses me to pieces whenever anyone wishes someone a “Happy VD!” Ummm…thanks? Maybe? What is it with the obsession for abbreviating the beejeebus (bj?) out of things? Crimony!

TheMan and I didn’t particularly have any Valentine’s (or VD) plans because…well…lemmie confess a little boo secret. Last April, TheMan’s workplace took a look at whatever things and stuff a workplace looks at when they take stock of themselves and decided to close down their print department. Thus, a week before the Smithees, TheMan got notice that he wouldn’t be having a job there anymore. Thanks for giving a bajillionty years to the department, here’s your last paycheck, see ya bye. Understandably, he’s been a bit touchy about the subject since that was his first real job and they just sort of cut him loose without any ceremony.

Tuesday afternoon, after months and months of applying for jobs everyone else and their brother have also been applying for (thank you, Michigan economy) TheMan finally got a new position with the U. Huzzah! Even better, his new employer is located right across the street from where I work. Double Huzzah! And also? We get to keep the house. Best Huzzah of all. So we called up our favorite restaurant to see if we could get a reservation for a celebratory dinner…on Valentine’s Day. Yeah, timing. Fortunately, they had an opening at 9:30 so we decided to head out for appetizers and dessert. Anytime we have dinner there we’re always too stuffed to event think about dessert so we figured this was a good opportunity.

I even got to take a nap before going out, how awesome is that? I love 9:30 reservations. We came, we ordered and we decided that we ought to get a bottle of wine as well. We did and the Sommelier came over to talk with us. Were we the Qs? Were we celebrating one of us getting a new job? Did we get the appropriate wine for our dinner?

Errrrrr…I don’t know. Is there a law against having Syrah with heart shaped ravioli? Apparently not, the Sommelier was just leading into the fact that my coworkers got together and picked up our wine tab for the evening. How cool is that? And once we knew that, it was obvious he was trying to politely say that we could get a better bottle of wine if we wanted. Heh. We decided to stay pat with our original choice and were very happy with it. Still, I have awesome coworkers!

I took today off (huzzah!) and spent it snuggling with my man in the morning, Warcrafting in the afternoon and general boogery in the evening. All’s well in the Q house.

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2 Responses to “After VD”

  1. Patti Says:

    Yay! Congrats! I’m so happy for the both of you (and very happy that you won’t be moving away or anything!!!)

  2. The Man in Japan Says:

    Wow. I go on annual leave for a couple weeks and I miss out on all the hell/excitement. Having quit my own job and moved to a new country with no employment prospects, I understand to a degree what you went through. Very happy to hear Herr Q has a new job after having to go through pink slip hell. Very happy to hear the house is safe and sound. Keep the Family in New Zealand posted as to how it’s going and hopefully we can give you a tour around here sometime. Check in with my folks who are currently touring the South Island with us and you’ll see it’s well worth it. A big “Sho Films” to The Man and I promise to update my own website/blog soon.

    The Family in NZ

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