The Moon is Beautiful

The sun is even more beautiful
ha ha ha

Oh yeah. We had us a bit of a lunar eclipse last night so TheMan and I went out to give it a look see. The eclipse started at 10pm well after the sun went down and took warm with it. You Minnesotans can pipe down over there about your cold because it was indeed well and neigh chilly in these parts. Mostly because it was a very clear night so any heat that the sun didn’t take over the horizon went immediately up into the stratosphere and beyond. We may have even increased the average temperature of the moon with our heat radiation. It made for a darned fine viewing though.

I convinced TheMan to take some pics so he scrounged around for his astronomy gear to take some…moving something equatorial camera spinny mount thingie pictures. Alas, the moving something equatorial camera spinny mount thingie has been put “someplace safe” and he couldn’t find it so he had to settle for a regular old tripod. Thus, the pics are a tad blurry because the moon would not oblige and stand still for a long exposure. I stood on the front porch and cheered him on and then when it got too cold for slippers (what??!?) I went inside and cheered him on. This pic is the last of a series of six in which you can see the moon marching across the frame. That’s pretty cool.

Ooooo! I should have him do a composite of all the moons. Because he can. He’s clever like that (and has the software to do moon composites).

I was a tad disappointed in the eclipse though. What you see in the pic is about as clear and defined as the shadow ever got, which is cool in a weird looking moon kind of way but I was hoping for a clear eclipse terminus. Not so much. I will say that an eclipse moon is a bright somabitch though (after the eclipsing that is). I woke up around 3am wondering when the neighbors got a mercury vapor light and why they placed it so that it was shining right through my bedroom window. I had to peel the blinds away to confirm that yes indeed; it was only the (incredibly bright) moon burning a hole in my eyeballs. Crimony!

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