We just got finished watching the Rose Bowl Parade and I thought I’d take this opportunity to narrate my own slice of life.

I’m in the music room off of the living room today and I thought I’d just write an entry of the here and now. It’s chilly because the room is an add-on off of the rest of the house and also because there are two giant windows and a medium glass block window which doesn’t do so well in the heat conservation department. Right now, the plan of action is to pop the kitties outside. That’s DQ’s kitties, mine are still down state. There was just a round of calling for Thufer cat, who if he knows what’s best for him is long under some bed somewhere. Although someone is putting up a fuss of whiney meowing so I assume Thufer wasn’t fast enough.

And they are off. DQ has Thuf, Sydney is nowhere to be found. I think he escaped to somewhere safe. Thuf is tasting his first bit of snow, and that frenzied barking would be the neighbor’s dog. Pooch is a big fluffy noisy thing and kitty does not like that at all. Now kitty is thinking under the porch would be the best place to be, if he could get under there. Oh wait-phone.

That was Randal. No one was inside so I got to answer (hee!) and I have officially met Randal, by voice that is. Now all that is left is to meet The Magic That Is and I will have met all the guys whom I have heard stories about. Well, OK I only just talked to Randall but he was surprised that I answered and thought it was amusing. He is looking forward to meeting me as well.

Back to the cat. Snow doesn’t seem to be fazing him much, but I am not sure he’s the smart one of the pair. After all, He’s outside and the other one is, well, well hidden he hopes. The cat just came in and it appears that outside was not the world of fun he thought it was from the kitchen side. The whole “I wanna go out” syndrome. Cats.

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