A Place For The Puppets

Once upon a time there was a boo and a TheMan (woah, the double articling looks a tad weird there) and they had some finger puppets. Wheee! Then they got more finger puppets (because they had a couple incomplete sets and none of the ones they had were a red ant) and then some more. A couple more showed up here and some there until they ran out of space on the bookshelf and had to start stacking finger puppets on top of each other. The plan had always been to find some sort of small peg system and bolt the finger puppets onto the wall for display (because it was sort of annoying to have to move puppets to get books in and out of the shelf) but the proper peg system never presented itself.

Then, during the great Yarn Pr0n retail therapy outing, TheMan happened to look over at a random shelf and lo! There sat a peg board intended for storing those larger spools of thread (cone spools?) but more importantly it was the ideal design for mounting finger puppets. We bought one. Then we discovered we had more than one peg board of finger puppets so when I went back for more Yarn supplies (what? I went with LunarGeography and she had a 10% off coupon!) I bought a second finger puppet rack.

The racks sat on the couch while TheMan and I decided what to do with them (should we stain and varnish them? Leave the au natural? Polyurethane them? So many choices!) and where to hang them. I assumed it would be a while before we came to a satisfactory decision so I sort of set the whole project out of mind. La-la-la!

La-la-la around the house. La-la-la up the stairs. La-la-la into the bathroom. La-la-la back downstairs and…wait a minute. The part of my brain that wasn’t dedicated to la-la-la (which wasn’t a very big part at all I will confess) said to the rest of the brain, “Hold up there. Something’s different.” The rest of my brain replied, “La-la-la — whut?” but by that time I was all the way downstairs and practically running over a gleefully grinning TheMan. The itty bitty observant part of my brain told the rest of my brain to back up because it noticed something…new. I obliged and say! There hanging over the upstairs door were two populated finger puppet racks. SQUEEE!

TheMan got a laugh over that. He’d been waiting all day for me to notice that the puppets had been put up and here I was Captain La-la-la for the greater part of the evening. Still, eventually I noticed 35 racked and mounted finger puppets in plain sight and he says the wait was worth it. And if you count carefully, you will find that each rack has 33 slots while we only have a total of 35 puppets. That’s plenty of room to expand our finger puppet collection. BooYaw!

2007: No blogging – PUPPETS!

2006: Still admiring the finger dudes and not updating.

2005: There are a lot of dudes.

2004: I didn’t think we had this many but it seems we do.

2003: Did I just mow over a no post ever day? CRIMONY!

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