There’s A-gonna Be A Soupin!

Soup is…ominous food.

I forgot that I had bought soupin’ material last weekend until I opened the crisper drawer to put in the metric ton of peppers I bought (bogo peppers whoot) and lo! There was a package of stock makin’ carrots and a package of stock makin’ celery looking up at me all forlorn like. Whoops. Fortunately, the veggies faired pretty well in the week I totally forgot about them so Sunday morning I fired up the stock pot and tossed in my veggies, spices and carcasses. By 5pm the house smelled absolutely fantastic and I had some Churkin stock ready for souping.

Yeah…it was supposed to be Turkey stock but I had one chicken carcass and two bags of turkey carcass and darned if dead bird bones don’t all look alike when they are stuffed in a bag and frozen solid. Ah well, fowl is fowl and Churkin is fun to say so I suppose all is not lost. Just the little itty bitty OCD part of my brain…it stomped off in a huff about the mixed bird soup. Especially since I have half a turkey carcass left and some chicken that needs to be cooked up for soup bones. Apparently this year’s stock will continue with the Churkin theme.

I may have also played some Warcraft while cooking (stock-crafting!) and I certainly did a boat load of laundry (laundry-crafting!). I’m going to call it a day well spent, especially since I also got a nap in there as well.

Saturday we did the usual Warcraft thing but this time we were all a high enough level to go to the Outlands. Everything is better in the outlands. We did whatever the first instance there is (I don’t remember. Ramparts? Blood Furnace? Hellfire Newsstand? Bogslog? Sure, why not) and got some tasty, tasty goodies. Sadly, both TheMan and I are dirt poor and can not afford our go fast mount despite the fact that we are both playing classes that get a considerable discount on said mounts. Warcraft imitating life a little too closely (save for the orcs thing).

In the evening we zoomed the zoom of zooming over to Mssr. Gonkweasel’s place for an impromptu birthday party bash. He still works for the Antichrist so he couldn’t take his actual birthday off so we just showed up with food in hand and hung out with a couple other peeps. It was fun.

Friday night was Netflix night with Napoleon Dynamite and Brokeback Mountain. The actual plan before we popped in Nappy D was to watch just one movie and have some brownie ice cream goodness but dayum. 45 minutes after it started, Napoleon Dynamite hadn’t gotten anywhere and I was bored silly. Who decided that this was an awesome movie? I had more fun watching my brownies cook (I left after 45 minutes because mixing brownies sounded like a blast compared to sitting through any more Nappy D). TheMan decided that he shouldn’t be the only one to suffer so he pulled the plug. Dear God is that one slow, boring-ass movie…how did it get this awesome reputation? Are people generally on crack? What? UGH! We popped in Brokeback and the first 10 minutes is just Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal eyeing each other out and it’s 1000 times more entertaining than Napoleon Dynamite’s 45 minutes of scripted movie. Crimony!

The brownies were tasty, they helped save the night.

2007: Napoleon Dynamite bored this entry right off the face of the earth.

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6 Responses to “There’s A-gonna Be A Soupin!”

  1. Patti Says:

    Thank you!!! You have just affirmed my and Jeff’s existence. We HATED that movie. We rented it on my birthday a couple of years ago, so it was free. That was the only good thing about it. We tried to tell people that we hated it and people would get really angry. It was almost scary, the rabid defense of a crappy movie. And I don’t mean one of *our* kind of crappy movies…I mean, an all-around piece of donkey ball shit.

    Similarly, we hated Sideways and get shit for that, too.

  2. Bubbles Says:

    I’m with you on “Napolean Dynamite”. It had some funny parts, but it was EXTREMELY overrated.

  3. Kevin Says:

    It was slow and strange, but I liked it. *Not* the comedy event of any year, but I thought it had moments.

    In a strange way, I thought it was a lot like The Big Lebowski. The plot (such as it was) was almost totally irrelevant.

    I understand why people seem to love it or hate it, though. I would not really have pegged either of you as the “love it” type.

    And also … churkin is fun to say. I approve.

  4. Boo Says:

    We finished Napolean Dynamite off last night and it got marginally better. I liken it to a poorly executed John Hughes film or maybe Beavis and Butthead get some social conscious (assuming beavis was Mexican). I was amused by Pedro’s Protection Service and both Matt-Matt and I thought it was cool thaqt Kip finally got off his duff and moved on with his life but the rest of the movie? Meh.

    I can see where it is a lot like the Big Lebowski…save not as funny. At all. They had no carpet that really brought the room together.

  5. Tobes Says:

    How do I find Booniverse Archives now? What has become of the Churkin Stock?

  6. Boo Says:

    Hey Tobes! The archives are temporarily down ‘cuz I wanted to do some dinking with them. I was thinking that I’d be through by March but alas. I’m only through Mrch of 2003 so it’s taking me a bit to chunk through them. They will be back though, I miss them too! (although I can get to them from the admin page it’s just not the same).

    One churkin stock became bird and veggy soup on Wednesday and the rest of it (the three tubs you see there) went down into the freezer to become something in the future. I like to have stock on hand to play with.

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