Worse Cat-mom

It’s like the Friday the 13th of dressers!

So yeah…yesterday was not a good day to be the Little Kitty and to add insult to injury, I discovered that I had already posted an entry titled “Bad Cat Mom”. Man, rub it in. I mean the Little Kitty luuuuurves boxes and she adores hanging around the foot of the dresser (warm cat butt is the bomb, apparently) so I thought I’d do right by her and let her hang out in my sock drawer.

We used to keep my jewelry box next to the dresser and it was no big for Vande to hop up on the box and then into the drawer when I left it open. But we noticed that our aged cats are starting to have troubles jumping up on the bed comfortably so we moved the jewelry box next to the bed. It makes an awesome cat highway that they’ve taken to like ducks and water but we haven’t yet found a replacement “box” for Vande-cat so she can hop into my sock drawer. She luuuurves to hang out in the sock drawer when the furnace is on because she gets toasted cat butt, she’s in “a box” (which is lined with my socks and therefore more comfy) and Isaak won’t harass her when she’s in the drawer. It’s like Little Kitty Haven.

Except I don’t think she can easily get into the drawer now so lately I’ve been taking pity on her and air lifting her to her sock nirvana. She’ll stay put for hours, sometimes the whole time I’m at work. It gives me pause because that’s 10 hours of sock drawer and 0 hours of kitty box, but TheMan has assured me that she gets out when she needs to (and apparently gets back in, or he takes pity and air lifts her back. I’ve never actually asked).

Wednesday morning, like any other cat in the sock drawer morning, I picked up my cat and plopped her in the drawer. She settled down on her favorite socks and I closed the drawer a titch so that it was more in than out and wouldn’t do that fulcrum thing. There was still plenty of room for a cat to get out should she want (because nobody wants a drawer full of accident socks) but she was also tucked safely in her special place. I gave her a scritch and left for work.

10 hours later, I came home and Vande was still in the sock drawer (surprise, surprise) and I asked my usual question of, “Has she been in there all day??!?” This time the answer was ‘yes’. Hrrrrm! I checked the socks for any accident victims (none) and poked the cat to make sure she was OK. She was, albeit grumpy from being poked, and showed no signs of moving. That cat, she loves her some box time.

We had dinner, we boogered around on Warcraft and then early eveningish, I decided to pull the “K-word” trick to evict the cat from my dresser. The kitties will come running for miles for ‘KrrrrrrrUNCHIES” and Isaak did just that. “Me! Oh Me cat-mom! I want the krunchies! Oh the tasty tasty krunchies Pleeeeeeease give them to me!” There was no word from the Little Kitty.

This too is not surprising since it actually takes the sound of the krunchies hitting the ground before she will materialize from wherever she has gotten herself holed up. She’s a little bit smarter than Isaak in that regard. So I liberally sprinkled krunchies on the floor as hollered “KrrrrrrrUNCHIES” as loudly as I could (“YAY cat-mom!” (nom-nom-nom)). Still, no Vande cat.

Then I poked my head into the bedroom to see what was going on and there was my sock drawer frantically trying to give birth to a cat. Huh, that was unexpected. While technically there was indeed enough room for a cat to go in and out of the drawer, I had not taken into account the socks at the front. Vande cat likes to nest in the back of the drawer so I tend to stack my socks up in the front and…well…apparently there actually wasn’t enough room for cat egress if you took the great wall of socks into account. Which I hadn’t because they’re socks and she rearranges them all the time anyway when she’s in there. Somehow wall of socks is a completely different and unmovable entity from “socks bunched uncomfortably under my butt which I shall kick all over the drawer until I am satisfied” but it didn’t keep her from trying. Oh no. Krunchies were at hand! There was mad frantic kitty scrabbling as she tried to sqeeeeeze her little kitty head out between the open space and the impenetrable socks. Her poor little kitty eyes were bugging clean out of her head as behind her there was a flurry of flying nest socks. Must… (ehn) …get… (eeehhhhn) …head… (EEEEEHHHHN) …out…of…DRAWERRRRRRRR!!!!

It was the funniest thing to see and I am so totally going to cat-mom hell for this.

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