Damn Frogs

Yo yo! Saturday hello to y’all. Ooo, look! Shiny Saturday Update!

It’s all about the wedding prep these past few days. This week I’m back to working on table decorations and picking out music. I started out with 15 frogs at the beginning of the week and now I have 40 completely folded and another 50 in various stages of frog completion. It’s like an addiction: I. Can. Not. Stop. Folding. Frogs. My fingers ache and I’m thinking “Gee, I ought to stop and rest, just after this one.” I am a woman possessed.

By frogs.


I decided (part of the reason there are frogs in stages) to do an online instructional picture thing on how to fold a damn origami frog because there aren’t any good directions anywhere. I had to mess up a bunch of sheets before going to DQ with my abysmal zombie frogs for help. She’s really good at figuring out piss poor directions and once she had the formula figured out I was in frog business.

Tonight I’m going to take the pics seeings as we are at TheMan’s office (Smithee prep) and then I’m going to figure out the wording and post it from the main page. Once that’s up, all my readers can fold frogs too. We can start a frog revolution. Unfortunately, I am only up to the second bend in the front arm which means I have to fold at least eight more frogs. Damn frogs. Hate those bastards. I already have 34 steps all laid out and if I have to fold anymore frogs I’m going to explode. I need to roll over and take a TheMan break. Damn stinking bastard frogs. I hate green.

Oh yeah, the black out thing. That was fun! Booniverse was down until sometime this afternoon so I stuck the Friday Five up on my shiny new LiveJournal Account until booniverse came back online. Yeah, it’s post dated here but it did get posted on the net Friday so there! Ha!

Yeah. Anyway the lights went out at 4:10 around these parts, which was kinda fun. First off, we found out that the conference room we were having our meeting in was not wired with emergency lights. Spooooky. Bit by bit we found out that the whole U was out as well as the town and most of the eastern seaboard. So we went home via Dirge and Shar’s place.

Since fire was still working and we had MEAT in the freezer we had us an old fashion cook out for dinner. Hee. Other than being munched on by a million mosquitoes it was a lovely evening of enforced quasi primitiveness. I missed air conditioning.

We were off from work on Friday (YAY!) which I spent MAKING FROGS!

2 Responses to “Damn Frogs”

  1. alessar Says:

    You should find Enya’s soundtrack to The Frog Prince for yourself!!

  2. boo Says:

    Hey, you’re awake are you? Heh, speedy comment, the entry has been up for 11 minutes.

    Hmmm, I’ll have to keep an eye out for that. I do have Kiss that Frog by Peter Gabriel. Maybe I’ll start a whole frog theme music thing!