Five Totally Random Things

I’m crocheting a wookie.

I found this yarn and decided that I needed to do a project with it because FUZZY! It’s like having your own pet that you don’t have to feed or take out walkies but it’s just as soft and behaves itself better. The down side is that when I ball it up it generates enough static power to light Chicago for a couple hours (they are small balls), and its extreme fuzziness makes it really hard to see the stitches so I feel like I’m crocheting blind. Half the time I can’t even tell exactly where the stitch is, I just sort of crochet by feel.

I’ve been noodling around with this fun new yarn for the past couple of days and I’ve discovered a couple things: Fuzzy, fuzzy yarn should be used for basic patterns because any detail is going to be lost in the furry and also I really want to have a couple yarn biscuits handy to feed it when it’s been a good project. I might even occasionally scritch it when it looks like it is in need of some yarn love.

I’m still piecing together the two baby blankets, working on Alessar’s blanket, working on Alessar’s abandoned blanket (that I’m going to keep because I think it’s awesome) and I finally have a poncho pattern book so Saturday when I go see my mumses she can pick something out and I can get started on that. Oh and the turtles. Don’t ask about the turtles, I haven’t even looked at the turtle pattern yet even though LunarGeography is ahead of me by two practice turtles and two real turtles. I have perhaps too many crochet projects going at once.

We’re going to make bacon and cream cheese scones this weekend in celebration/mourning Badmovie’s unemployment. OK really we’re going to make them because of the bacon and cheese but it might also make Badmovie feel better about his company closing up the Michigan office. I mean bacon! And cheese!

That’s cream and cheese not cream cheese so I’m expecting some major deliciousness from these.

TheMan survived his first full week at his new job. Huzzah! So far it’s going well and he is finding that artists are more laid back than doctors. Huh! My favorite part of his job is that he’s right next door so we can do lunch every day of the week and not have to walk 20 minutes to get there and 20 minutes to get back. Also, he works in a building I’ve always wanted to see the inside of. CoooOOOooool.

Netflix continues to wrock although we continue with a weird string of movies. We saw X-men 3 where several main characters die and others lose their powers (completely way off cannon), and then Star Trek Nemesis where one of the principals dies. We decided not to finish Brokeback Mountain because it didn’t seem like a happy kind of movie and after all that character writing off we wanted some light fun stuff to watch.

OK, the Postman is getting more than annoying. I’m standing on my porch taking a pic of our Postman’s path…through my damn garden! What the hell…off the side of my porch??!? Fucker.

2007: Food! I did a hasty food plan Sunday night and then immediately screwed it up by making a chicken.

2006: randomly not updating.

2005: also? not using caps.

2004: JSFR: Grill-a-corn

2003: And that is why you don’t eat so close to the time you go to bed. Stupid Nerf footballs.

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  1. Patti Says:

    Is that the fuzz that I petted at the Corner? Soooo soft and fluffy!!

  2. Boo Says:

    It is indeed one and the same.

  3. Patti Says:

    So soft! So fluffy!
    If my Sewing Goal doesn’t work out this summer, I may try crocheting 🙂

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