Sunday Soliloquy

To Fold or not to fold,

That is the question.


Today was more wedding things. And if you think YOU are tired of reading about them, try living them. Did you see that frog? It’s SMALLER THAN A QUARTER! Why? Because a brick of one inch paper was giving me the hairy eyeball so I had to fold a frog out of it. Truly, I need help. The up side is that after going blind and suffering severe hand cramps I decided to stop at one frog. There shall be only one! I call him the Micropeeper.

I’m using him along with these two other pics for my live journal account



and for those of you who are loyal to booniverse you get a preview of the whole roster here. LJ followers will have to wait until I get bored and rotate through them. Say by Wednesday.

Today we got to talk with the Pastor about wedding things. We went through the basic Lutheran wedding service and he explained that here or there we could customize it if we wanted. He also gave us a list of suggested reading for the reader peoples and some alternate vows or we could make our own. My whole thought was that yes, it was a wedding service. It fits the bill. We also got to talk to the fellow who runs the music scene over at the church and he thinks our weekend is free. So we have the ceremony parts to mull over and work on, a music guy and some music things to think on, frogs and table decorations.

Oh yeah, the decorations. I went over to DQ’s and we did a mock up of the table (as much as two 5×2 squareish flattened cobbled together cardboard boxes covered with a bed sheet can pass for a 72 inch round table with a table cloth but you gotta work with what you have) and I must say my vision is a thing of beauty in actuality. I’d show you (because I took pics!) but I just asked TheMan and he thought we ought to keep it under wraps. Ha ha! I will say that it pleases me greatly to know for certain that there are enough origami guys folded already and after these damn frogs are completed I will have to fold no more origami guys. Happy Dance!

TheMan downloaded the pics from the camera and my origami frog how to came out very nicely. With some supporting text I plan to have the most intelligible frog folding instructions on the web which, I’m sure, you are just all aquiver about. Be patient, Rome was not built in a day and computers are a lot more complicated than an old ancient city. No really! Computers are way smaller than aqueducts and amphitheaters and you can only really fit one person at a time in the space of a computer where as a whole bunch of people can build a coliseum. You get that many people working on one project it’s bound to go faster than one guy on a computer.

It’s all about the logic.

Alright, I have some new bookshelves to assemble (YAY! They came in!) so I’m going to quit rambling. Laters!

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