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I’m feeling a little more “bloggy” than I usually do so today I think I’m going to do a “day in the Work Life” post. Enjoi.

pre 8:00am: TheMan and I are running a tad late so he only has time to grab a coffee and run. I get to wait for one of the world’s slowest baristas to fix my drink. Zzzzzzz.

8:00ish: In on time more or less! Huzzah! I’m also the first one here from my department. Huzzah! The granola parfait I got for breakfast is fan-frikkin-tastic! Nom nom nom.

8:30: My assistant is in. She and some black ice had an unfortunate meeting and she thinks she might have possibly cracked her tail bone. She’s certain she’s bruised the ever loving daylights out of it. Ow! I hope I have enough wander around work for her to do rather than sit down work.

9:30: Logging in to finish up adding things to TEH INTRANETS! I really need to change my login password. I keep saying that but I haven’t done so. Since January. Hmmmm…

9:37: Password Changed! I’m running out of password ideas though.

10:30: Still working on getting back to my awesomz intranetz thing but I’ve managed in the interim to brighten three people’s day. One coworker just got less work because she was sending me a list and then sending the same list to everyone and I thought, “Well, that’s kinda silly, why don’t I just get the list when everyone else gets it and save her having to send it to me separately?” She was all for that idea. The second coworker had a bunch of obsolete card like entities that she needed to get rid of but didn’t want to just chuck them. I have an ever dwindling supply of defunct LC cards to put out in the speshul scrap paper LC card slots. The obsolete card like entities are exactly the same size as LC cards. BONUS! One man’s trash is another’s treasure and now my boss won’t have to hear about needing LC sized scrap paper for the speshul holders any time soon. I got a LOT of obsolete card like entities.

11:15: My assistant just rescanned the last two intranet thingies I needed to cross off a sheet of “Things what needs to go on the intranet”. WHOOOO!

11:20: Damn, I can’t figure out what to name one of them and my boss boss (who knows these things) isn’t in.

11:30: Still Nope. Oh wait, she’s in a meeting.

12:15: Wrock on! I’m done stuffing all my other intranet things on the internet (that I can for the moment. Boss Boss still not back). Time to crochet the wookie. That sounds dirty.

1:15: Wookie’s about two inches longer (and that also sounds dirty); boss boss still not in.

1:45: Still no boss boss. I’m forging ahead into the next section of intranet things. My poor printer is starting to hate me because I have to print out every one of them so I can go over them with my boss and boss boss and figure out what we are going to call them. There are 68 in this new batch.

2:00: Meeting!

2:45: BOSS BOSS SIGHTING!!! …damn, I have to pee. I hope she doesn’t disappear in that time.

3:00: HUZZAH! 4 of 29 pages crossed off! That’s a lot of pages left.

3:15: Oh crap. What is my new password?

4:00: Huh…just got an e-mail from ConBust saying they had already sent us the flight out info. I don’t have any flight info. Oh, she’s resending it. Cool. And here it is.

4:05: Uhhhhhh…I’m not too keen on arriving two hours before the show in a town an hour away. On the other hand, we may get points for cutting it close. Really close. Please don’t snow.

4:10: I’m not thinking about the crazy plane schedule anymore (what is there to do in Dulles for a couple hours while we knock around waiting for our connecting flight? Can I pack enough crocheting?) Back to the Intranetz Grind!

5:06: YIKES! Sucked into my work and totally late to meet TheMan. I gotta go! Laters.

2007: I also may have gotten a googob of those Nature Valley Sweet and Salty granola bar things. Never go shopping hungry.

2006: There was no updating to report.

2005: Nor this year either.

2004: It has suddenly occurred to me that we haven’t watched a single movie, in the theater or on TV, since the last Smithee Movie culling.

2003: So…am I doing flyers? Maybe yes? No? Yes! I’m eating CAKE! Hell yes!

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  1. Bubbles Says:

    what is there to do in Dulles for a couple hours while we knock around waiting for our connecting flight? Can I pack enough crocheting?

    I live like fifteen minutes away from Dulles. It is literally across the highway from my work. Well, I dunno if you can get back through security for a connecting flight anymore, but if you can, then like maybe I can come say hi! If you end up going that route anyway. Arriving one hour before the show seems, um, WAY cutting it close.

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