Gallumphing Through the Weekend

Happy (post dated) Monday everyone. Today is not, like I was certain it was, St. Patrick’s Day so I have a week before the Zmobies are on. Of course if I were the Pope I could say it was St. Patty’s day today and it totally would be. Man, it’s good to be the pope.

Do I have to capitalize (P)ope?

So yeah. This past week’s learned info is that the Pope/pope changed St. Patrick’s Day because the 17th is in the middle of Holy Week. Apparently Holy Week is a somber no fun sort of time so St. Patty’s day will be on Saturday the 15th instead. The Zobmies don’t much care about Holy Week so they’ll be sticking to the regular non-poperized schedule of March 17th for their pickled brain eating fun. Of course I don’t expect they’ll turn down any free brain eatin’ on Saturday if it comes up. Zombies are opportunistic like that.

Friday! What did we do Friday? Amazingly it wasn’t Warcraft (yeah, I know! Krazy) -Oh. Right. We watched frekky Netflix movies on Friday and I do believe I got a couple inches of wookie crocheted. Why does crocheted look like it is crotch-it-ed instead of crow-shayed? That has always bothered me.

Saturday we did do the Warcraft thing and after a couple stupid hours of dicking around we finally all got together and did us an instance. We wrocked too. Apparently, once we get our shit together, we’re a really good team. We didn’t do too much Warcrafting though because TheMan and I had our first Smithee Drinking Night. Whooo! It’s a new local thing and we’re trying it out to see how it goes. The first (inaugural?) drinking night was decent and as a bonus it was at the bar right down the road from our house. Of course I might have sort of planned it that way. It’s good to be the Promotions Ninja. Badmovie and Donald showed up as well as stalker Patti and her hub and Sarah…who I met for the first time. I’m thinking of establishing an odd month Smithee Drinking Night thing which will allow us to get our beer on but won’t be too demanding to plan. Huzzah!

Sunday we hopped on Warcraft for a bit and then went out to get ingredients for the bacon cream cheese scones. They are much harder to make than I first thought because there’s whipping and folding and separating and whatnot going on. Wah! Also…I probably need to start reading directions more carefully I guess since they did mention the whipping and the folding and the separating and whatnot. The scones were very good though and I’d certainly eat them again if someone else made them.

We gorged on scones and Cadbury evil while playing Badmovie’s game and then went home.

LunarGeography is way ahead of me on turtles.

2007: JSFR: Mikawaya Mochi (vanilla)

2006: However, it was too cold to go pantsless, so the inevitable had to happen. The pants, they had to go on.

2005: Pope pOpe poPe popE POPE!

2004: Welcome back machine! There’s nothing a good hard drive wipe can’t cure. Sorta.

2003: This is what finally got me out of the house and on my way to visit with my peeps because we had NO BEER!

4 Responses to “Gallumphing Through the Weekend”

  1. Boo Says:

    I do not know how zombies celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! My best guess would be like they celebrate every other day: By chasing down people and eating their brains. I would think that they just get more people on days like St. Patty’s day cuz the beer stumble is slower than the usual get up and run.

    I have slow shambling zombies in case you wondered.

  2. Patti Says:

    St. Patti’s Day is my birthday. It would be cool to be pope and make St. Patti’s Day every day, although I am not Catholic and a girl, so that lets me out!!!

    We had a super duper time on Saturday and can’t wait for the Smithee Beer Night 2: Electric Boogaloo. I also learned about Tupperware Aunts and Sean Whose Name is Nate. It is a new Stalker Goal to do something to merit a story that goes down in the annals of Smithee lore.


  3. Bubbles Says:

    Dude, that variegated yarn is PERFECT for the turtle shells!!! So much cute.

    And yeah, if you’re talking about this particular Pope (“The Pope is wearing a cool hat today”), he gets a capital P, but if you’re talking about any old pope (“A pope’s hat is pretty cool”) then lowercase. I think. Or maybe you can just be safe and use upper case all the time so you don’t have to worry about them calling down God’s holy wrath on you. I hear they can do that…

    I’m slightly hurt you started the beer nights after I moved. :'( See, that is my little ASCII tear falling down my sad ASCII face.

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