Thursday the 13th

Dun dun dun!

Today is one of those five or six or whatever days that I haven’t missed for the entire booniverse (except for that one day in February) so I am posting today as well. I also wanted to post, before I forgot it, that “BadGardens” is completely nothing like “Badmovie” and “LunarGeography” so the other day when I was all clever and stuff? I really wasn’t. I have amused Badmovie though with my brain blurp so they may indeed become the BadGardens since he took more of a shine to that than BadGeography. I’m not sure LunarGeography’s stance on it but for me BadGardens is shorter typing so I’m all for that.

In case you were wondering, LunarGeography’s web page is named Lunar Garden or Celestial Garden or Something Garden so I’m not completely on crack. Just mostly.

The wookie grows! RARH! I got some decent crocheting done on that puppy while we finished up Brokeback Mountain. For the record, I’m glad that I saw the movie but I don’t think I’ll have to see it again. It has some really good acting and pretty, pretty scenery but it’s also a very lyrical, ebbing, flowing, meandering, glacial sort of movie which felt like it was made from 30 minutes of story and 2 hours of American West. I’m not saying that’s bad because it sort of fit the movie but it also made me antsy. I like my movies to have a little more action or tension distraction while nothing is really happening. I got a lot of wookie done though so that was a plus.

Tomorrow is Friday and the end of the week. WHOOOOO!

2007: Well, it’s official: I’ve lost this week’s food planning menu.

2006: That’s a whole onion, gobbled up, yum. I bet y’all wish you were TheMan last night, eh? SeXXXay!

2005: JSFR: Xylish Crystal Mint

2004: JSFR: Choco baby.

2003: Then I thought, there is only one way to top butter’s natural “holy-whopping-fat-wah” numbers: Deep fry it!

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