Lower Michigan Celebrates Pi Day

Bulbz! Celebratin’ pi day!

It was pretty warm yesterday, warm enough that I eschewed gloves on the way back to the car for fear of spontaneous hand combustion. I think it might have possibly even been 50 on the way home! I know you Floridians are all “50?!?? JESUS CHRIST! Get out the parkas!” while you California wusses are already firing up the furnaces and preparing for the end times. Around here though, 50 is like shorts weather.

OK, almost like shorts weather. Shorts weather for the heat oppressed and slightly crazy but for the rest of us I think we all might have said to ourselves, “Selves, let’s walk home with the winter jacket unzipped and the car windows down!” Then the those of us who live with someone sporting long hair would have been asked to roll up the windows but still. Had I been driving in my truck those windows would have come down and stayed down. Period. It was beeeyoootiful and there aint no point in driving a truck in beyootiful weather unless you can drive with the windows down babE.

Pic taken later in the day but you can still see the snow doing its crazy snow thing.

Most of the snow melted too except for half of our front lawn. I have no idea…maybe we have a secret heat sink underground lair that we know nothing about under just one part of our lawn? It’s really weird, the neighbors have no snow, and we’ve got no snow on the south side of the lawn but after the sidewalk BAMN! A 15 x 15 patch of lawn is all cozy blanketed white in wintry goodness. Then after our driveway the neighbor to the north has the dirty dead grass lawn like the rest of everyone. If a Godzilla or Ice Yeti comes hatching out of the secret front yard heat sink lair, I’ll take pics for everyone to see.

My horehound celebrates pi day by sprouting.

We have no plans yet to celebrate pi day (it’s March 14 or 3.14 for anyone who was confused) only because I just learned about it after lunch. I think we really ought to have pie on pi day though. Especially since it’s even warmer today than it was yesterday. Myself convinced me to go out without a coat and in my sandals (I’m still wearing fuzzy socks though, I ain’t stupid. Yet) and it was gorgeous. Fan-lovely-tastic.

Ahhh now to contemplate the important question of life: Apple pie or blueberry pie?

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