Would the Real St. Patty’s Day Please Stand Up?

Alas, there will be no Zombie St. Patrick’s Day fun today as promised since we’re out of town on short notice. TheMan’s grandma passed away late last week so we’re zooming up for the funeral and some family time. We’ll be back Wednesday and perhaps the Zombies will come out for a spring brain eating splurge. For now, here’s a quick and dirty Weekend recap.

Friday was pi day (3.14! Like Pie! But pi!) so we stopped off to pick up some pies for dinner and dessert. We had pizza pie and the dessert pie was blueberry. MomQ makes a better blueberry pie, BTW but Sara Lee will do in a pinch. I also found tiny Haagen-Dazs vanilla shooters (Haagen-Shots as we dubbed them) and it was perfect. I may have had more than one piece of pie.

I also found more Neapolitan ice cream with the same odd strawberry/vanilla/chocolate pic on the cover so I picked that up as well just to see. Last time, Dean’s ice cream lied through its frozen cow teeth (and was simply OK ice cream to boot). This time when I opened up the K-Roget’s brand I discovered that they were true to their cover story and lo!

Sideways. That’s really kind of weird, I’ve never run into Neapolitan ice cream that doesn’t run the short way in the carton. I guess it makes it easier to get one single flavor if you are a “scoop the long ways” kind of person? Whatever, it’s much better ice cream than Dean’s and doesn’t lie.

I may have had some Neapolitan ice cream too. What? Haagen-Shots are only really enough for one piece of pie. Well one and a half really but I didn’t plan on the second piece of pie until way late at night.

Did we watch Stardust Friday? I think we might have. It was an awesome movie and I loved Robert DeNero’s character.

Saturday we got up for Warcraft and chewed through most of the rest of the swampland quests. I’m getting mighty tired of adventuring in the swampland, let me tell you! There may also have been more pie eating. What? Day after pi day…duhhh!

After a suitable amount of Warcraft, TheMan and I headed out to the mumses’s house to hear Mr. Paul’s helicopter bud and his Eagle’s cover band sing. They were remarkably good and their new lead guitarist was this tiny wizened fella who had to have been about 108 years old and as country as you can get around these parts. Which is pretty country seeings as a couple towns over was the horse capital of Michigan for quite some time. TheMan and I, having never met any of the band members, were making up back stories for them for funs. The drummer was a former vice cop, the bassist was definitely from IT and Mr. Paul’s helicopter bud could have been a cattle rancher or a rough neck. Or both. Drilling for cows…mmmmoooOOOOOOoooooo! I think we both decided that they found the new lead guitarist somewhere out in the deserts of Arizona or New Mexico playing guitar at a crossroads or something. He was really good (nice voice too) but oddly matched with the rest of the group.

The drummer’s set was entirely electronic which was really weird. It sounded good but the footprint for the bass drum was maybe a square foot and the cymbals were fixed. The whole set took up a third of the space a conventional set would have and that just looks freaky.

Sunday we played a little Warcraft, did some Smithee at Smith prep and basically hung low until we got word of when things were going to be happening up in Saginaw.

2007: JSFR: Cacao Pretz

2006: Let’s just say that I’m letting the cookie cutter rest up for next year.

2005: We thought we might check out this “Grotto Club” deelie but alas, It was a member’s only club. We got bounced! Hee!

2004: I’m wearing purple undies, how are you celebrating?

2003: Last night’s freaky wet TV girl weirdness was much better than Saturday night’s neurotic-ness, which is pretty typical.

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