I Think Grandma Minnie Would Have Approved

And this one was the small peace lily.

TheMan and I worked a half day Monday and then took off north (not north of north, just north) for Grandma Minnie’s funeral and whatnot. The viewing was on Monday from 4 to 8 and we arrived around 5. Lots of people came to say their farewells and although people were sad, overall I think everyone wound up talking over old times and reminiscing rather than hard core mourning.

There were a ton of flowers too. Grandma Minnie was an avid gardner had a thing for flowers and I think she would have liked all the different baskets and plants. There were also several many poster boards of pictures from Grandma Minnie’s childhood up to recent outings. Grandma Minnie did a lot of things in her 95 (!) years. Did you know she was a teacher? I did not. She also took a cruise to Europe for college credit and visited everywhere. Man, why didn’t MY college offer a European cruise for credit? Monday night I got to hear lots of fascinating Grandma Minnie stories that I didn’t know.

Afterwards, Mom and DadQ, DQ, Aunt Betty, TheMan and I went out to eat and were entertained by the cops pulling people over left and right. We saw flashing lights about every ten minutes as some idiot tried to slosh home in their car. What is it about green beer anyway? DadQ got some Killians, which was NOT green (thankyouverymuch) and we ate our food while watching the Stupid Drunk Show.

It was a little surreal to think that I had actually gone to work three days ago that morning.

Tuesday morning we left for the church which was…on a location on the cards back at the motel we had just checked out of. Doah. Not only that, but neither TheMan nor I could remember exactly where the church was because the original cards were misprinted. They had said that the services would be at the funeral home instead of the church which TheMan was all keen about. We had found the funeral home; he didn’t have to find a second place the next day for the services. Huzzah! I thought it was kinda cool that the funeral home people also owned a church. Then the mistake came to light, the bad cards were yanked and correct cards were printed and all I remembered was that the church began with O.

I’m a big help. TheMan knew that the church was near the funeral home so we set off on AN ADVENTURE! And in a very anticlimactic turn of events we hit the right road on our second pass by and found the church with about an hour and a half to spare. So we went on ANOTHER ADVENTURE and discovered a new Rite Aid (which sort of sucked) and a K-ROGETs (which wasn’t new and didn’t suck). I bought some coffee and orange juice for a department potluck the next day and we rolled back to the church in plenty of time.

The service was a bittersweet sort of thing and afterwards we had a luncheon before the graveside service. Man, Lutherans can cook. There were all sorts of tasty dishes and all sorts of tasty leftovers. We were encouraged (actually, coerced) to take home leftovers and so we did. A tray of desserts went in to work with me today and lo! One of the fellas had a birthday today and his super forgot to get him goodies. And here I was with a tray of goodies waiting for a celebration. That is so a Grandma Minnie sort of thing.

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3 Responses to “I Think Grandma Minnie Would Have Approved”

  1. Patti Says:

    Grandma Minnie sounds awesome! I’m sure she is now pure energy, gardening at the edge of the universe (that is what I think we do when we die…you don’t have to garden, but you just turn into energy and sort of…float. And please don’t worry. I will still find a way to stalk the Smithee Awards in the hereafter :))

  2. boo Says:

    I wish I had known Grandma Minnie when she was more mobile and before she moved to the nursing home. Apparently she was very much a German Grandmother and was always making wonderful food for people whenever they came over. You never went hungry at Grandma Minnie’s and they all said she was a fabulous cook. Thanksgiving, I am told, was a sight to see.

  3. Sean K. Says:

    Sorry to hear about her passing. I don’t recall if I ever met her. I suspect that the only possible time would have been at your wedding, if she was there. Was she the Quirky or non-Quirky grandmother?

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