What the Hell is the Capital of Louisiana?

This calendar is making me feel stupid.

Urgh! Stoopid Cranium calendar. Today it popped up with this trivia bit and I thought “No Problem! I have this stuff down cold, I’m going to totally ace this!” So I started off randomly thinking of states and their capitals as they popped into my head. “Hmmmm….Alaska! Juneau. Nope. Wisconsin! Madison. Nope. California! Sacramento. Nope.” which is a stupid way of going about finding the answer to this question. Thus I restarted the trivia search by building a mental visual of the Union starting with the east most state and panning through the land westerly.

Sadly, my vision of the U.S. seems to be missing Delaware. And Hawaii which I would have totally remembered if I hadn’t stopped myself from randomly guessing states. Once I tag Alaska, Hawaii is never far behind.

ANYWAY! So there I was going through the Union from Maine to California and I got my first trivia hit with Concord, Connecticut. WHOOO! Of course I couldn’t for the life of me remember the capital of New Hampshire then…having used it already for Connecticut. Whoops.

Neither Pittsburgh nor Philadelphia is the capital of Pennsylvania either in case you were wondering. I was so sure I had a decent shot at number two though because Pittsburgh! Philly! Two big towns in Pennsylvania that begin with P! What are the odds it wouldn’t be one or the other?

Pretty good, actually.

Then I got to Louisiana and the only town I could come up with was New Orleans and I knew that wasn’t it. Oh and Shreveport but I think that’s a suburb of New Orleans which still wasn’t the capital. Damn…I remember being in third grade and going through the states and their capitals like a hot knife through butter. I guess when the brain ages that knife becomes a spoon and the butter becomes concrete. Argh.

New Mexico has no towns in it whatsoever. Not a single one. Not even a capital. Wow, I feel old. And dumb.

After coming up with four potential states, the not knowing the capital of Louisiana or any city in New Mexico really started to bother me. So I grabbed my Statesman’s Yearbook and looked them up. I got one and a half right on the trivia question and half the capitals I thought were capitals weren’t. Billings Montana? Nope. Eugene Oregon? Not so much. I’m going to have to go to geography summer school unless I manage to pull my state capitals knowledge up. Oi!

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4 Responses to “What the Hell is the Capital of Louisiana?”

  1. Bubbles Says:

    Man, I got Alaska and Hawaii fairly quickly, but all my other guesses were placing the wrong city as the state capital. I haven’t studied those in YEARS.

  2. Boo Says:

    We can sit by each other in remedial old brain geography class!!!

    Yeah…it’s amazing how that knowledge can just slip away and you don’t know until you have to use it and then whoops! Gone.

  3. Patti Says:

    One of the few capitals that I remember is that of Louisiana. Why, you ask? Did I have a really good geography teacher? Do I just have a good memory? Nope and nope. There is an episode of the Brady Bunch where Cindy goes on a quiz show and is all “I’m gonna be a tv star and you’re not” to the rest of the sibs. Of course, girlfriend gets on there and biffs…totally freezes when the red light of the camera goes on. One of the questions is, “What is the capital of Louisiana.” Back at home, a frantic Marcia cries out, “I know she knows that one! I helped her study it! It’s Baton Rouge. Baton Rouge!!!!”

    But a bigger lesson is learned. Cindy learns that you can’t be going around thinking you are queen shit just because she won some stupid contest to be on TV. It was indeed a Very Special Episode.

  4. Kevin Says:

    Amy & I once amused ourselves on a car trip by naming each state capital. And then we named another city in the same state. We got every one (eventually) except Rhode Island, when we couldn’t think of another city.

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