The Zombies’ Holiday Deux

The zombies all took a vote and decided that Easter was the more zombie appropriate holiday to picto-blog. So here they are raised from the dead and wreaking their own brand of zombie havoc on the boo family gathering.

Sis brought two dozen eggs for to dye because we are still kids at heart and love to make pretty, pretty eggses at Easter time. The zombies are a little confused at this…since when do brains have so many colors?

They found Juneau and with a little help, planned their conquest of dog brain!

Poor long suffering Juneau. Why her? Why?

Rocky takes an interest in the proceedings…

Only to be the next zombie target. He is not amused.

I might comment about the zombies marching up the rungs of the food chain ladder but that would be mean.

My sis got revenge though. This is the all new zombie cabaret review of “duck, duck, GOOSE!”

Oh dear…Cadbury Evil or Bunnnikins? Tough choice for a zombie.

There is no choice when it comes to Mr. Paul’s smoked ribs. Mmmm…ribs. Delish.

And of course you can’t have dinner at the Mumses’s house without coffee afterwards. Hurry up and brew! Breeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww.

OoooOOoooo! This egg is almost brain colored and even has a head on it! Bonus. This zombie is in love.

The zombies still haven’t figured out what this is but they like it just the same.

The zombies take to the cat highway while Isaak comes down off the bed for a look-see.

The Little Kitty puts up a fight. No zombie invasion is going to take her quietly. NosireeBOB! She also gets points for being in a defensible position, in this case the sacred box. You can’t see it but she’s already defeated four zombies which are lying disabled at the bottom of the box.

2007: If you’ve never seen a dozen eastern European guys lying buck naked in a meadow somewhere out in the farmlands of Syria and humping the ground for all their worth, then you are clearly missing out.

2006: It’s a day of rest for the zobmies.

2005: While today is a religious non posting day.

2004: The tire looked like it had melted off it was that flat.

2003: But today the Zombies are just plain lazy.

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