The Friday Five!

Odd mixing of them this week. I think they are going for some sort of social something or other. All I know is I still don’t wanna know about the Zote.

Or the Soul Vengeance Sock Puppet.

Especially the sock puppet.

1. When was the last time you laughed?

Oh, probably on the drive in. TheMan and I have been doing this weird thing the past 24 hours where I’ll be thinking of something and he will say the exactly what I was thinking. I find it funny, especially since the things are all along the lines of “Rote drinks. The boys in the band mem’rized rote drinks”.

Badmovie gave me a good run of chuckles yesterday with his Soul Vengeance Smithee Sock Puppet ideas. We’re going to need a lot of stretchy material for that one.

Lots of things amuse me so I generally smile, chuckle and laugh quite frequently.

2. Who was the last person you had an argument with?

Oh. Ummm. Not so much an argument per se, but my sis and I have been going back and forth about wedding registries. She is trying to get me to see the life saving merits of being registered everywhere and then some while TheMan and I are happy with Amazon and Bed Bath and Beyond.

I suppose TheMan was the last person I had a crank with (which is slightly different than an argument in that there is really no basis or logic for my being cranky so everything pisses me off) but it was more likely a hormonal or lack of sleep outburst which I tend to do now and then. I couldn’t even tell you what it was about even. Most likely it was-OH! The Zote Drinks from last night. He was making a funny that needed about three weeks of explanation, which makes it a not funny anymore, and suddenly I was just not in the mood to learn what a Zote was. He was all “blah blah lecture Zote thing see how funny that was now?” and I was all “Shut up. No shut up. I don’t care anymore what a Zote is. In fact, now I never want to know what a Zote is. Ever. No not even now. NO ZOTE-ING IN MY BED!”

[Editor’s note. I just got an e-mail from TheMan and apparently it’s a Zoat and not a Zote so…hey wait, I thought I didn’t want to know anymore about them. Stuuuupid Zoats]

3. Who was the last person you emailed?


My sis. She is organizing a wedding shower and wanted to know some more stuff, plus we are finalizing details for getting to the racetrack tomorrow. And she is trying to (still) get me to see the light of multiple registries all over the continent.

Before that I sent an e-mail to Dirge just catching up on stuff.

Before that I contacted Barb about measurements for her skirt and told her I had a color swatch for her.

Before that I think I had to e-mail a work guy’s passwords to him.

Looks like TheMan is due an e-mail! Hold on. And now he is the last person I have e-mailed. As it ought to be!

4. When was the last time you bathed?

Ewwww! If I don’t bathe at least once a day I get all STINKY! Sometimes when I am being a cheeto butt I’ll hang around all stinkified (but never when I have to go out in the real world) until I can’t stand my own reek at which point I bustle off to the bathroom and hop in the shower. I can’t remember the last time I went more than 36 hours without a shower.

I typically shower in the mornings and sometimes at night if I have been dojoing or working out (or mowing the lawn or just plain feel narsty). The last time I bathed was this morning at 7ish. We got up late due to a continuing alarm problem. The black out may have messed up my alarm clock, or it may be all funky like for other reasons.

5. What was the last thing you ate?

A toffee cookie sample at Amer’s when I went to get a cappuccino. It was interesting, I think it had coconut in it. You usually don’t find coconut in a toffee cookie. The jury is still out on whether toffee and coconut is a good thing or not but I will say it was a nice bit of morning sweetie munchie and the new flavor taste was also a fun experience. The coffee shop doesn’t often have samples (once a month maybe) so it was just fortuitous happenstance that I got cookie nibblets this morning. Before that I had a mocha chip bagel (Panera’s new flavor) for breakfast and if there had not been any freebies at the coffee shop that would have been my answer.

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  1. kph Says:

    Oh, *ZOATS*

    Mairsey zoats and doesy zoats and little halfling’s shiny. A crown’ll be shiny too, pudd’n glue.