The Snack Food Review

A New and Enterprising endeavor!

Japanese Snack foods fascinate me so I decided why not do a food review as I try out some new snacks? (Because I’ll try anything once if it is sufficiently intriguing.) TheMan and I shop frequently at Hiller’s, which has a small but delightfully enigmatic Japanese Food stuffs display and occasionally we will pick up something new to try. Some stuff is good, some stuff is not so good, some stuff just ought to never have seen the light of day but you never know what’s what until you try it.

I figure between shopping at Hillar’s and the occasional trip to Wizzywig we have a pretty good selection of snack foodage to choose from. Plus, the stuff just calls to me and I can use this as an excuse. That way, if we have picked up something and reviewed it and you would like to know something about it you can give it a read here and see if it encourages or dissuades you in any way.

Alright, the rating system. I’m rating these in Wasabi Peas (an homage to my first Japanese Snack food) on a scale from 0 to 5 Peas.

0 Peas = Good God NO! Rats, swine and even snotlings would not touch this stuff. Run Away!

1 Pea = Glarrrrrhh! Maybe with enough saki this would be an appealing snack. It’s edible but just barely.

2 Peas = Meh. Probably better off eating something else but it’s not so foul that it can’t do in a pinch when in the grips of a munchy attack. Warning though; it’ll most likely leave you dissatisfied at which point you will probably wander off and look for something else to snack on anyway.

3 Peas = It’s not only palatable but you might even like it! Certainly it’s not the best thing you’ve ever had, but on the other hand it’s not the worst thing you’ve ever had either and it will satisfactorily tackle your munchie conundrum.

4 Peas = Mmmm, tasty. It’s good, it’ll kibosh the munchy nosh instinct and you will probably remember what it was the next time you go shopping and pick up another package.

5 Peas = Orgasmic Crack Epiphany. You need to try some of this right now. No right now-WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE READING AND NOT OUT BUYING AND EATING!

[Editor’s note: 9/22/05 – It has come to my attention that the rating system is a tad skewed at the lower end so I have revamped the 3 pea entry a bit. The scale now graduates more evenly with 3 peas being tasty, but middle of the road. I’ve been rating the JSF with this in mind anyhow so no ratings need to be changed.

Also: Badmovie wanted me to note that partial pea points can be given or taken away for any part of the JSF experience which amuses me or makes me cranky. This has been your editorial blipvert on the ever changing nature of the JSFR]

[Editor’s note: 12/23/05 – I know I’ve said this sporadically throughout the review when I go off culture but apparently if I don’t tag every single entry of non Japanese origin, someone somewhere gets their panties in a bunch. I feel for you people, and bunched panties are mighty uncomfy so I decided to add an editorial blurbit to the ratings page, where every single review eventually links to. I know, because I have to keep cutting and pasting that critter onto every single entry. ANYHOW! It is well documented that I can not read Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Goa’uld or Ancient so occasionally I pick up things that are not Japanese. Sometimes I even do it on purpose because when you find something called “Jolly Pong” how can you leave it out of the review just because it’s Korean? We here at the JSFR call these inclusions “Honorary Japanese Snack Foods” and welcome them because A: they amuse me and B: I don’t discriminate just because they squiggle their language a little bit differently.]

[More Editorial noting: 9/18/06 Check out David the Muppet King’s little JSFR prezzie for y’all! He made a list of all the JSFR so far (“so far” being defined as “up to the point he last updated” which is much further than MY table ever got) so y’all can now peruse snack foodage by rating. YAY DtMK!]

2 Responses to “The Snack Food Review”

  1. susan Says:

    Oh, hey, I have a snack for you to try, which I got with my last order from They’re not weird in content, though the name is kind of strange. I’m not going to elaborate, so it will be a surprise. I like this particular snack, but I’m one of those freaks who thinks wasabi peas are foul, so what do my taste buds know?

  2. boo Says:

    YAY! Surprises! I’m all aquiver with anticipation!