Requiem for a Good Dog

We got word that my sister had to put down her pup Juneau last night. Actually, Juneau was about 10 years old but she was still very puppy like. I’m not sure if that’s a basic Lab trait or if she was just one of those happy, enthusiastic dogs but either way, she will be greatly missed.

Juneau was the loyal but…speshul dog of the house. I remember it taking an extremely long time to train her in any tricks and I’m not entirely sure she really caught on. I remember my sister patiently sitting in the living room with a handful of bologna or hot dog bits trying to get her adorable puppy to do the trick of the day. Poor Gatlin knew them backwards and forwards so he’d be right there sitting and lying down and rolling over and never getting any hot dog. Juneau never got any hot dog either because she just didn’t get it.

Then, she learned her first trick!!!! She could roll over! Which she did…over and over and over until she bumped into something and then she’d switch directions and roll, roll, roll, back. I’ve never seen a dog do that, actually. Most dogs are content with one revolution and then HOT DOG TREATS! Not Juneau. It took a chair or a wall to stop her rolling and that only really set her off in a different direction. She got ‘roll over’ so well that when she became confused with new tricks she’d resort to rolling over because she knew that one!

*rollrollroll* SMACKER *rollrollroll*

*rollrollroll* SMACKER *rollrollroll*

The other thing about Juneau was her tail. She loved everything (more or less) and she showed it by wagging her tail with gusto. She didn’t care about time, place or manner; if there was something she liked (which was just about everything) she’d start with the tail. WAG WAG WAG! If she happened to be near a wall it’d be WAG THUMP WAG THUMP. Coffee table? WAG WHACK WAG WHACK. Your leg? WAG WHOMP (ow!) WAG WHOMP (ow). She had some serious tail wagging muscles build up over the years and could pack a wallop with her happiness.

She was also a very patient as witnessed in the latest zombie picto-blog. We stacked more zombies on that dog and she sat there and let us do it. I don’t think it was because she was sick either (they found out that the cancerous lump they had removed at the end of December had metastasized) because she’s always been really patient. When they brought Rocky the Hellion home he took a special delight in chewing, bouncing, colliding, and generally pestering the older dogs. Gatlin would stand about 5 minutes of puppy madness before putting the latest addition in his place. Juneau could go for hours with a Doberman puppy hanging off her ears. I think she thought that Rocky was her puppy.

Most of all, Juneau was a good dog. We’ll miss you baby girl.

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2 Responses to “Requiem for a Good Dog”

  1. Patti Says:

    Your post almost made me cry. My dog has been getting on my nerves all morning, but now I have to go hug and cuddle him. He will be 10 in September.
    Oh shit. Now I AM crying.

  2. Emily Says:

    Thanks sis! This really made me smile and you really have a way of capturing the Juneau essence ๐Ÿ™‚

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