ConBust ’08: Smithees @ Smith

O’Hare Dino sez “Your connecting flight? Let me show you it. Nom Nom Nom!”

Right! Friday! Day of flying and show presenting. Uuuuugh. Orbitz changed up our itiniary on…Monday? Tuesday? Anyway, pretty close to the actual flying out so all our fun meet and eat plans with Bubbles were kiboshed. Instead we got to knock around O’Hare for a bit before flying out to Heartford. I am pleased to say that we avoided being nomed on by the giant dino skelly.

Oooo! Cool pane factoid number one: Planes can pivot on one back wheel. OK, I only have one cool plane factoid but s’trewth! There we were on the tarmac and fwoop our plane did this pirouette and headed off in an entirely different direction. How come I’ve never seen planes just haul off and whip around like that? There are even whoop-de circles painted on the ground so the planes know where to do their little dance steps and I’ve never seen one flip around like that until today. Weird!

We got in about 15 minutes before we were supposed to but we had to wait for Patricia Briggs to fly in from the west. Her plane was supposed to arrive at 4:30, the same time as our original arrival time so we moseyed on down to the baggage. Lo! There were two Smith students waiting for us with a sign proclaiming “ConBust: Patricia Briggs/The Smithee Awards” SQUEEE! We had people with a sign! We were second on the sign but still. I felt like real peoples!

Then we found Patty Briggs’s flight to find that it was “On Time”. YAY! We hung around and chatted and then at 4:45 Patty Briggs’s plane was still “On Time”. Well OKay then. At 4:55 when we caught sight of Patty her plane was still “On Time”. I don’t think that the plane ever “Arrived” but we were OK with that because the passengers semed to and so did the luggage. We zoomed the zoom of zooming off to Northampton about 5:30 pm.

Around 6:30ish we arrived in Northampton a half hour late for our first panel…which was rescheduled for Saturday at 1pm. HUZZAH! Apparently the con schedule went through some pretty drastic revisions because things and stuff had been changed all over the place. No worries, we weren’t late for our first thing so we were happy.

Snacks Table Jr.! Sean Whose Name is Nate and sarah-marie wandered in with the miniSmithee box and snacks! Lots of snacks. SWNiN might have bought a tad more food then we really needed but that too is Smithee tradition. We had asked him to shop for snacks for the Smithees because of the tight time schedule and he totally did Iron Chef Smithee proud. There were circus peanuts, squeezie cheez and Chickin-n-a biscuit (natch) and…Doritos? Doritos??!? Nay, not just any Doritos, weird flavored Doritos. Well spotted SWNiN (I can’t remember what the flavor was because I found it revolting and deleted it from my memory. Also well spotted SWNiN).

We did a quick head count and came up with lowish 40 for number of unique people. The Earl hasn’t yet sent out the official count but I believe 38 or possibly 41 was the top vote of the evening. Niiiice. We didn’t lose a lot of people either that I noticed. I’m looking forward to the actual numbers to see what our mean, top and low were. I should maintain some sort of numbers database so I don’t have to keep asking the Earl or the Sultan about attendance.

More audience enjoying the show.

Afterwards we bundled up our stuff and headed on out to our hotel; the Autumn Inn. We kept calling it the Ottoman which sounded deliciously comfy after starting out our day at 8am in Detroit and ending it at midnight in Northampton and not getting eaten by a Chicago based dino in between. The Autumn Inn was only about a 5 minute walk from campus and the night wasn’t bad for midnight moseying so we did. The room was pretty fab too with a hyoooj sort of hanging out area with a couch and a table and two chairs.

And there was an ottoman! It also had a small kitchen and a separate bedroom. Swank. We collapsed and passed out. The end!

2007: Apparently, I have hyacinths. Huh.

2006: OH! I had a blood test and I didn’t cheat on that, does that count?

2005: Eventually you wind up picking up buildings, bridges, barges, Godzilla and islands. Crazy!

2004: Too squee about ConBust to update.

2003: Dishes and laundry. Always dishes and laundry.

4 Responses to “ConBust ’08: Smithees @ Smith”

  1. TheMan Says:

    Yes, that is the Autumn Inn Ottoman… Very tres the comfy for sore presenter’s feet.

  2. Sean K. Says:

    The “Doritos” were supposed to be nacho cheese flavor, I think, but they were certainly an off-brand I had never heard of (Martin’s maybe). A very cheap knock-off of the real Frito-Lay product.

    Also, sarah-marie is spelled with an ‘h’.

    And I’ll be shipping l’il Smithee box off tomorrow.

  3. Boo Says:

    I was half tempted to stick an H in oddly like hsara-marie but decided to go with the usual H slotting when I went back and edited. heh.

    Oooo, I thought they were actual Doritos and not Doritoz or what have you. Niiice. Also naaaasty.

    Yay! Return of l’il Smithee box. We will watch for it. If you want any of the candy I stuffed inside, feel free to ransack before shipping. Hee. Contents may have been ransacked prior to shipping.

  4. Patti Says:

    Too bad you didn’t have the Corner Brewery jug. It could have gone with you and been photographed with all sorts of goodies! (Empty, of course, because The Man won’t let you fly with liquids. And by The Man, I mean The Man To Whom We Stick It, not The Man of the Smithees. Unless of course do DO stick things to The Man of the Smithees, and I really don’t want to know about that).

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