Tiny Pie!

The Autumn Inn, and by association the Ottoman since it was inside the Autumn Inn, was close enough to consider walking to Smith college the morning after the Smithees. Usually, the morning after isn’t really pretty (especially at Ann Arbor where we are prone to winding up at Pizza House which, coincidentally I’m sure, makes fantastic Long Island Iced Teas) but we failed our booze acquisition roll and went to bed without very late Friday night. Still, 9am guest meet and greet brunch seemed awfully early.

And for some reason we had breakfast at the Inn. Maybe we forgot about the brunch that we were getting up at the crack of not enough sleep to attend or perhaps we forgot that brunch is food. Dunno but if we hadn’t gone down for coffee and foods then we wouldn’t have seen the world’s secondest most awesome fireplace. Ever. The first most awesomest fireplace in the history of fireplaces is the one from Citizen Kane in case you were curious.

We brunched (one can not have too much coffee that early in the morning, really) and were off to our first panel. Yay! A good handful of people showed up to learn about Making Movies the Smithee Way (or how NOT to make bad movies). TheMan whipped up a keen PowerPoint presentation complete with example clips. This one is Leprechaun 4: Leprechaun in Space. Yeah.

Then we moderated a rollicking discussion on When Fandom Goes Wrong in which I got to put the smack down on a young 20 something about being the biggest Star Wars fan evar. That’s the advantage of being old, I’ve seen the original Star Wars in the theater. Han Shot first, bitches.

Lunch! We went to the campus commons and were amused by the ConBust banner.

Smithees and MORE!

Panel number two was I Stayed Up to Watch the End of This??!? and man oh man are there a lot of people out there who like them some bad movies. I think this was our biggest turnout with 20 or so people total. Wrock! Also, badmovie took notes. Ummm…uh oh.

We boogered around, attended some of the other guest’s panels and discovered that medium Cthulhu likes tiny pies. Which is also really fun to say TINAH PIAHS!

We saw a cat bus.

And Last year’s ConBust organizer dressed up as Neil Gaiman’s Delirium. She even shaved bits of her head bald! The girl’s got guts, yo and looked awesome.

Somewhere during that time we crossed paths with Lynn Flewelling (who is awesome and a terrific writer: Buy her books!) and got invited to dinner with her, Patty Briggs (who is also an awesome writer: Buy her books too!), Jennie Breedon (who is an awesome comic artist: Buy her stuff!) and a couple other con guests I hadn’t had the chance to meet. SQUEEE! It’s like when you finally graduate from the kids table to the grown-ups table at Thanksgiving! We hoofed it to a nice Indian restaurant and had a fun good time there.

Then it was back to the hotel and to sleep!

2007: No Tiny pie for you!

2006: That’s just shy of 10,000 steps and 10,000 steps has got to translate into something wicked cool, like 10 miles or a mini-marathon or the running part of a triathlon.

2005: The other day I was eating a bowl of Grape-nuts and TheMan looked at me all funny like and said “Damn, those are loud!”

2004: I got the laundry done! Yup. All weekend and that was my accomplishment. Oh, and I washed 2 pots.

2003: Bookend denial of TINY! PIE!

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