Let’s Go Racing!


You have to say that in a parrot voice to even begin to get it. Also, TheMan stole the title to today’s blog entry and because I refuse to think up another title I’m going to go ahead with keeping the name I thought up way early this morning! HA! (fucker)

OK, really we both are calling our entries “Let’s Go Racing” because that phrase is just one of the myriad of phrases my sis’s parrot will randomly say. I think you can guess at least another and a third (for you Seattle the Parrot lovers) goes something like “Let’s go WHEEEEEEE!” That one is his own creation. My brother-in-law taught Seattle to say “Let’s go Racing!” (and also many of the more colorful things the bird says) last year when he was working on establishing a reputation for actually finishing a race on the tires of his car, rather than on the roof. His rookie year out he rolled the VW Rabbit twice and they wont let him forget it.

So, as you can probably see over at TheMan’s Blog (picture intensive link there…just a warning) my bro-in-law has upgraded his car to a Mustang. I can’t get over that they race VW Rabbits. I mean…a RABBIT for crying out loud. Trans-ams I can see. Corvettes, Mustangs, CRXs (but just barely) yeah I can see all of them racing but come on…a Rabbit. He did and he improved (his roll to finish rate dropped noticeably) and now he’s exciting to watch in the “Can he overtake the guy in front of him” way rather than the “Which turn is he going to wipe out on” way.

So we were invited to the track on Saturday and headed up there at butt early in the morning. Yeah, the crack of 7:30 saw us out on the road to Waterford, where the track is. We brought a cooler full of water and picked up some ice on the way out. It was the second to the last bag (on a Saturday? Ouch on the restock!) and I had to go freezer diving to retrieve it, which was almost an adventure unto itself. I am glad that I’m about six feet tall, otherwise I could have ended up ass over tea kettle in the ice freezer. Heh! I also brought a bag full of things and stuff, none of which were either sun block or long pants for TheMan.

It’s about an hour trip up to the track and we arrived about 20 minutes after everyone else and lazed around for a bit. They race starting at 10:30 and go through until about 5 with a few crew breaks between heats. The first part of the day is all qualifying heats, which are fun but eh. After lunch they start racing in earnest so things start to get a little dicey on occasion. Unfortunately, there are seven or so classes of racing and my bro-in-law only races one so after the qualifying heat and his race there is just a bunch of other cars going around the track really fast. TheMan was all about perfecting his technique so that next time (when he brings long pants…sorry about the info screw up there babe) he can get some good shots from on the track. I was all about, well, being a cheeto butt.

One of the things I brought along was the first book of faery boinking (or more properly Linda K. Hamilton’s “A Kiss of Shadows”), thanks to LunarGeography, and since it was such a lovely day I ignored most of the qualifying heats and races and read in the sun. Ahhhh! It had been an incredibly long time since I had just sat in the sun all warm like and relaxed and I was in bliss. I went up (the car trailer has an observation platform and you can see about 75% of the track when you are up there) during bro-in-law’s race and a bit for his co-driver’s race and I did *some* grilling (re: I spearheaded the whole project while mumses and Mr. Paul did what they always do and tended the grill. My grillin skillz aren’t up to snuff yet I suppose, but I did make the executive decision to boot the hot dog briquettes that had cooked for about an hour. Whooo!) and socialized a bit but mostly it was me, my book and mother sun enjoying the day.

Have I mentioned I come from pretty northern stock? Yeah, that bright white flash is just my pasty pale indoor skin out there in the sun. Well, it was until about noon of Friday. By the time I was 60 pages into the book I realized that the sun was becoming more than warm on my arm (left one only) and when I looked down I was already a nice pink. So I switched sides and baked the other arm, then baked my legs. It was one of those days where it was just a tad too windy to enjoy the shade while reading so I was keeping myself warm by sticking body parts out in the sun. Unprotected body parts. I is bright red. I had me a hat, but only a baseball hat, so my poor ears got the brunt of the sun soaking. Both of them blistered. Ow.

TheMan faired just about as well. He’s a tad more red in more places than I am but I am the only one who made it to second degree burns. Umm, yea? ow. I expect that by tomorrow I wont be so lobstered and I hope this hyper sensation of skin in the burned areas will calm the hell right down already (ow damnit). Alas, my poor ear-balls are not going to be happy for many a day to come. I do have a snappy new hat with an ear hiding brim now (thanks to TheMan’s sharp eyes in Meijer’s last night) and I expect hat and I will become the bestest of friends (because damn, burnt ears HURT!) and we will certainly let SunBlock into our little clique. What is summer friendship without both a snappy hat and Sunblock?

Alright then, me and my freakishly burnt arms and legs are going to do something that does not involve heat, sun or an excess of agitation to the afflicted areas. Ciao!

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