Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Three Bags – OW!

Love the shade, hate the fall-out. Stoopid leaves.

Since I decided to take the day off from raking and general wintercrap pick-uppery about the lawn Sunday, Monday was tagged as a “return to raking” day. My goal was to rake the little square bit at the front end of the back yard (the bit of the back yard the garage isn’t sitting on…which makes a lot of sense because I wouldn’t be raking the garage now would I?). Usually, if I’m mowing or raking or doing sweeping yard-workery stuff, I divide the back lawn into sorta fifths. The back yard is basically a rectangle with a garage plopped on the north west corner of the rectangle. Ergo, if you attend to the little lawn patch that isn’t garage (which is what I was trying to get at previously), then you have a nice regular rectangle to work with.

But the remaining lawn is too big for my lazy self to tackle all at once so I subdivide the leftover rectangle into quarters around the giant tree (which poops leaves all over the friggin place. Damn tree). And now you know my crazy yard work habits as they pertain to the back yard. Wow (the expression), scintillating! Anyway, while TheMan rolled the grill out for the first meat charring of the year (mmmm, brats) I raked the odd lawn square. The grill heated, I raked. The brats cooked, I raked. I raked like the wind! Or something and managed to clear out most of the not garage portion of the back yard and bagged it. I also grew a nice blister on my thumb. Ow.

I was out there for a half hour raking and blistering and this is what I accomplished: That little red square there. I have the rest of the back lawn to go and it is significantly bigger than my one, measly, pathetic raked swatch of grass there. ARRRGH! Also? That one small open spot was three bags worth of leaves. THREE! Three crammed and stuffed lawn bags. STOOPID TREES!

I did not doing any lawn work today because I have a hurty thumb. Pbbbblt.

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