The Pelé of Cheese

I…have no idea. This is what happens when you wake up in the middle of a dream and think, “Oi, THAT was weird. I totally have to remember that but I’m also totally too lazy to write it down. Plus by the time I get a pen (that writes) and some paper I’ll be awake and I can’t have that. So I’ll just remember “The Pelé of Cheese” and that’ll be enough to trigger the memory. Right. Pelé of Cheese. Got it. Zzzzzzzzzz.” Then when I woke up, the only thing I could remember about the dream was the phrase “The Pelé of Cheese”. Couldn’t tell you why the Pelé of Cheese but there you go.

I’m not even sure what Pelé of Cheese would be anyhow. The Lewis and Clark of Cheese would be pretty easy…cheese that explored new frontiers. The Paul of Cheese would be a bad boy cheese that saw the error of its ways and kept writing letters to the goat cheeses to get them to understand the true meaning of cheesdom. The Greenpeace of Cheese, on the other hand, would be the cheese that was continually winding up in the fruit drawer all “Get back you money grubbing Onions! You are encroaching on the endangered kumquat’s natural habitat!” But the Pelé of Cheese? It…dribbles better than any other cheese? Maybe it’s the Brazilian sports cheese ambassador to the poor cheeses?

Badmovie thinks I should make a button that says “The Pelé of Cheese” and leave it at that. I could start a whole new trend! A world wide thing! People everywhere would be wearing T-shirts and sporting buttons and hats with “The Pelé of Cheese” on them. Maybe someone will eventually figure out what the hell I was thinking and report back as to the actual meaning.

On the other hand, The Greenpeace of Cheese would make an awesome button too. Maybe I should do a whole line of Cheese buttons.

I am sad that the weather dudes have a crappy forecast for the next 10 days. Tuesday was the last nice day for the rest of eternity and I really should have taken advantage of that and raked some more. On the other hand, rubbing dirt into my new blister the very next day probably wouldn’t have been a bright idea either so eh. It looks like the next day of possible rakeage will be after Smithees which makes me cranky. Seriously check it out: Wednesday was rainy and gloomy. Today is rainy and gloomy. Tomorrow is rainy and gloomy. This weekend is supposed to be rainy, gloomy and snowy (buh?). Tuesday is only supposed to be gloomy, but then it’s back to rain and gloom. At least after this weekend it’s supposed to be warming up. I’m hoping Smithee day is at least decent.

Speaking of Smithees, if you haven’t heard elsewhere, we’ve been kicked out of the Chemistry building this year. So has everyone else too: The U is closing and evacuating the building that weekend. Thus, the show will be in MLB-3 (Modern Languages Building in case you wondered).

To get to MLB-3, head along the street on the north side of the Chem building (North University, pictured here. Chem Building is off to your left) until you get to the sort of mall like area with raised plant beds and a straight shot view of the Grad library to the south and Rackham to your north.

Cross the street. Way in the distance (across yet another street even!) you can see Rackham and a construction zone. The League is directly to your right, Hill Auditorium to your left and Burton tower is the giant sticky out of the ground building also on the left. It has a clock!

The 4 story fortress looking thing just after the tower on the far left is the Modern Languages Building. TADA!

We will post signs with maps on the Chem Building and also, if the weather is nice, chalk out the route.

Smithee Prep! We has it. I have an eyeball sewn! Huzzah! Now he just needs stuffing, a sock attached, tentacles sewn and attached and an iris and pupil glued on. Then I just need to make 11 more of those. ARRGH! I only need four for the A2 show (yay!) but yet again, I ask myself why I leave these to the last minute.

2007: The Pele of nothing for you.

2006: DQ, on the other hand was br-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-ting around her stack of puppets so by the time I had zschicka-ed one side of a puppet she had finished three, but that’s not the point!

2005: After nearly becoming one with the sock puppet, Badmovie suggested we go haunt the favorite Smithee place of foodage: Casa des Pizzas.

2004: JSFR: Softick

2003: Then Cursed Beanie Skeletor Death up and strangled the person to death.

2 Responses to “The Pelé of Cheese”

  1. Kevin Says:

    It didn’t occur to me at the time, but maybe you didn’t mean Pele the Brazilian soccer star, but Pele the Hawaiian goddess….? In which case the Pele of cheese would be powerful, and very very hot.

  2. TeacherPatti Says:

    Oh hey, speaking of iris and pupils, we just finished a unit on the eye. I make them know about the eye and their own impairments because I think that will be helpful in the long run. For some reason, the kids really dug the word “pupil”, to my unending wonderment.

    As long as it doesn’t snow on the day of Smithees, I’m generally happy. I’m kind of the like the Rain Man on some things in that I latch on to something and don’t let it go. For some reason, I latched onto the snow storm Smithee Day and it has stuck in my head for years now.

    I would buy a Greenpeace of Cheese button 🙂

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