The 15 minute writing blitz!

From top to bottom, 15 minutes of LOVE to my reading peeps!

My mother is going to love this one.

OK, sunburns? SUCK! I look like I have face dandruff because my burn insists on peeling in tiny small bit not unnoticeable flakes. Grrr!

TheMan and I have both paper and Oriental Trading Company stuff in. The paper is for the announcements, which will be worked on this weekend and will be going out in the mail next week. I need stamps!

We need the finishing touches too for the invites but that I can deal with Friday maybe.

I got all the snail mail addresses for the Wedding Shower (save two) out to my sis by the dead line. I rock! TheMan and I decided, with much pain and agony (and the whole “What the hell do we do now? What, shower…I DON’T KNOW! syndrome) to do a couples thing and we invited all our cool friends. It’s about 25 people total, including us, my sis and hubby and the rents. We don’t have a lot of friends (which is a three chili phrase in Eudora)

5 minutes of love!

I can crank the love, I guess. Mostly it’s all wedding and whining about my booboos. I get a lot of booboos. TheMan and I were watching Court TV last night and they were showing some show about forensic medicine. Basically, this one guy killed two of his wives the exact same way and got caught. The coroner was all “See how many bruises the body has? We counted 25 bruises, which is a lot of bruises.” I counted the bruises I could see on one leg and I got 5. I suspect I could easily come up with at least 15 more here and there. I am a delicate (or klutzy or both) thing. My mumses bruises easily too so I suppose it runs in the family.

Brief pause for station identification.

Heh. OH! The Oriental Trading Company. Right. Hold on, I’ll even give y’all a link to go to (because I love you that much). There you go. Go look, it’s the coolest place to get bulk kitsch.

(10 minutes of love)

Where was I? Oh right. ANYWAY last year at the Ann Arbor Smithees show badmovie bought a bunch of squishy ninjas to pass out with the ballot kits and I think they were a hit. I mean, who doesn’t want to get something free eh? And a squishy ninja! So I looked through the catalog and I found three or four other things to give out and I ordered them. I have enough goodies to go for the next three Smithees. The best part is I spent maybe $50 on the entire lot. Whooo! I’d tell you about them but it’s a surprise. Y’all will have to come to the Smithee Awards to get your free kitsch.

Three minutes remain and I need to spell check (boy howdy do I!) so I’ll sign off. Laters gaters!

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