Today Isaak turns 13 on Friday the 13th. His lucky day? Not if you judge by what presents he’s gotten so far. I didn’t even give them their morning scritchies today (what’s THAT about? Bad cat mom indeed) and Mother Nature looks like she’s brewing up a storm for him later on this morning. Isaak hates storms.

But! Thirteen. Wow (the expression). On Friday the 13th too. How often has THAT happened? Lemmie take a look-see at the calendar here and…huh. This is his third Friday the 13th so his birthday has fallen on Friday quite a lot, actually. They say the third time is the charm so…

Speaking of charm, Isaak wants you all to know that he is cute, damnit. He is too. Very cute. AS CUTE AS A BUTTON SO PET HIM ALREADY!!!1!! He’s so funny. He does this all the time too and it’s not as cute as he thinks it is. The Little Kitty? She does cute. Isaak not so much. Still I laugh and pet him anyway so I guess whatever he’s doing works.

I can’t remember what was going on here but there was much ado about BAD CAT. Oh right, they got into the krunchies behind my back and tore up the package trying to get to the tasty kibble. I wasn’t that upset because I was the one who left the drawer what houses krunchies open but Isaak knows he’s not supposed to get into that drawer. He does anyway and then hides behind the cat bed when I find out. Heh.

You can’t seem him. He is stealth ninja cat.

If I had thumbs I’d have me some krunchies any time I pleased, yes I would.

2007: Neither cat has learned how to ride a bike, although Little Kitty and I have a new routine when I do laundry, which involves her hopping into the clothes basket and getting a ride upstairs.

2006: I think 11 is the year in which a cat goes totally ape shit because OH! The cat drama!

2005: However, in commemoration of today being a cat rollover, I’ll intermix some random pics I have loafing about on the powerbook.

2004: The “I” and What is That THING???

2003: Mostly, it had to do with visiting new parents and having to say something about their grotesquely ugly new born.

3 Responses to “Triscatdekaphobia”

  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    How cute! Happy birthday, my man, er, cat.

    Don’t you also have a cat that looks like the I Can Has Cheezburger? cat??

  2. Bubbles Says:

    Pic #2 is kind of creeping me out, because Issac’s light-colored neck fur is very close to the color of the blankie he’s sitting on, so it looks like there is a disembodied cat head there, a few inches away from the cat body.

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