A Baker’s Dozen

Which is way more cats than any one person ought to have unless you are some sort of cat animal shelter. It is, however, the number of years Vande-cat has been around. Happy birthday Little Kitty! You can see she is celebrating in high style by snoozing on her favorite chair.

I was going to do a day in the life of the Little Kitty but it would be a series of pictures of her sleeping on the back of the chair. Or in the cat bed (hello!).

Or on the couch.

Or licking herself noisily from head to toe. This I did not take a picture of. You’re Welcome.

We had a pretty lazy Kitty Birthday day. A little bit before “napping on the bed”, TheMan and I headed out to meet up with Badmovie and LunarGeography for some Bob Evans’ goodness (yay biscuits). TheMan met up with his freelance partner afterward while I went Sam’s Clubbing with the BadGardens. That’s pretty sad when I get all excited about clubbing and it really means I’m going to Sam’s. LunarGeography lost her soul somewhere between pens and strawberry cake samples but I got a couple stand by Sam’s things. I did not get chocolate for my coworkers because I’m on strike. I’ve bought the last two, possibly three chocolate things and I’m not going to pony up for more chocolate until someone else takes a turn. I did buy them Starbursts, however. I hate the sight of an empty candy jar.

Badmovie was doing his Smithee shopping and picked up some chocolate assortment skittles. The brownie batter flavor really runs with the ASS of Assorted. Yuck. Also? SMITHEE WORTHY!! He got Utz and some other stuffs as well. Little Kitty slept on.

We all drove back to our respective homes and I started in on the Smithee puppets prep for reals. Little Kitty helped by sauntering out and setting up snooze camp on the pillow tower (which is covered with a blanket at the moment. She won’t give the pillow tower the time of day, usually, but put a blanket over it and she’s ALL about the pillows). I started the evening with dyed socks and 4 sewn head cases and by 11:30 I had 2 complete puppets done and two that only need tentacles to finish them off. They went really fast. Little Kitty woke up from her nap and started incessantly licking. lick lick lick lick LICK LICK LICK LICK!!. A clean kitty is a noisy kitty. I banished her to the bedroom because she was driving me crazy with the licking.

Yes, even on her birthday. The licking, it drives me NUTS! licklicklicklicklick ARRRGH!

Little Kitty had one visitor for her birthday: This little fella. He flew in when TheMan went to check on the mail around 11. Just all “Hi, how are you? I’m a bird. WOAH! This isn’t outside…but I kinda like what you’ve done with the pictures. Mind if I perch here a bit? It’s nice and warm in here. Oh say, a cat.”

All of us were a little taken aback by the bird and had very clever things to say about it like “Buh? Bird!” Or I suppose in Isaak’s case “…for real? You guys are the BEST cat parents EVER!!!” Sadly, TheMan and I didn’t particularly want a bird house guest or to have to go to sleep while our inept cats tried to catch it for dinner so we sequestered the cats in the bedroom (Isaak: Nooooooooooooo! They be stealing my dinner!!!!). Then we tried to usher the bird out but he was pretty happy in the cozy warm. He flew from the pictures to the window, sang a little birdy tune of content window happiness and then flew towards the door. He perched on the window a bit and then was persuaded to rejoin the wild.

Lesson learned: Turn on the porch light before opening the door; otherwise the birds think your house is morning.

2007: Oi! I almost forgot! It was somebody’s birthday today.

2006: (All I wanted to do on my birthday was sit in the chair but I can’t even do that because of these stupid Smithee giveaways)

2005: But first, guess who is 10 years old today!!!

2004: I love to chase things (noisily) across the floor to somewhere I can’t get to them.

2003: Little Kitty too busy resting up for the Best! Nap! Ever!

2 Responses to “A Baker’s Dozen”

  1. Sean K. Says:

    “I can has bird?”

    I didn’t realize the little kitty was that old. Does that mean Isaak is even older, or is he the younger one? (I’ve always assumed that he was older because the other one is called ‘little’, but size and age don’t necessarily relate that way…)

  2. boo Says:

    Heh…no, yous can’t has bird. 🙁

    Yeah…even I find it confusing with the cats. They were both born the same year so pretty much they are the same age when all is said and done. Isaak is two months younger than Vande but I got Isaak in July of…’95(?) and Vande in December of ’95 so to me Isaak seems the older cat because I’ve had him longer. In actuality Little Kitty is the older one but she is also the smaller one by about 4 pounds and what seems like a quarter of a cat. She’s got the stubby, stocky “cobby” build while Isaak has the long, lean Oriental build.

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