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So yes. I forgot that I had the April’s Fool thing out there until about now (actually two days hence but I’m post dating) so how about we look into those pics? I do want to say that I am sad, sad, sad that no one even posted one small guess at anything. It was pretty much all pics and my mother didn’t even comment and she only reads the picture posts anyway! *sniff*

OK, onward!

one: NOPE

This one isn’t mine; it’s my mother’s nativity scene. Mine used to be my grandparent’s but I inherited it a while back because I love the beegeebus out of this one. Apparently, my mother loved the beegeebus out of the one I have (when it was my grandmother’s) so my grandma bought her the one above. My temporal lobe hurts now. Anyway, note the differences:

Mom’s has a much bigger manger than mine. All her guys (save the palm tree) can fit inside. My poor Joseph has to watch his head when he’s hanging about in the manger. My baby J is also a little more quaint with his jaunty checked (sorta) swaddling while mom’s baby J is ALL about the godding. Hers even has a pointy crown-y hat while mine still has the quaint roundy halo.

two: YEP

This I also inherited from my Grandma when she passed last year via my mother who wound up with a whole pack of my grandma’s jewelry. My mom asked if I wanted anything and I took two rings and this because…

It’s me and my grandpa reading a book! And on the other side my grandma. I have no idea why my grandma looks so sour here. Maybe it’s that wall paper. UGH! (This was taken at the old old house.)

three: NOPE

This lamp lives at the Oop Nort Q’s house and is oh so TINY!

Here’s Isaak for comparison. He wasn’t exactly thrilled by being the tiny lamp model and was nowhere to be found when I photographed our lava lamps.

Yes, we have lava lamps. They wrock. Yo.


Is there a certain common law timing where something you’ve had that isn’t yours actually becomes yours? Because if I remember correctly, this is actually my dad’s typewriter but I’ve had it since the dawn of time. Probably I’ve had it ever since I could lug it out from the stairs closet and into my bedroom. I have no idea why other than having a typewriter is awesome even though I can’t recall the last time I actually typed anything on it.

It does make an excellent door stop which is, sadly, the most use I’ve gotten out of it in the 20 years I’ve had it.

five: NOPE

This particular tea pot font belongs to LunarGeography who collects tea pots. It lives on top of her china cabinet. I wish I had a china cabinet half as cool but I’m not sure where I’d put one.

Not to say that I don’t have an elephant tea pot because I do. Natch, I collect elephants so I was bound to pick up an elephant tea pot at some point in time. Just not the one pictured first. This one is the tea pot font that belongs to me. It lives on one of the knick knack shelves in the living room but not the elephant knick knack shelf. Odd.

six: YUP

This was going to lead into this cool trivia bit and a picture of the WWII ration conversion section but alas. I have my grandmother’s copy, which was printed in 1938 and not my great aunt Marge’s book which was printed after 1942 or thereabouts. My mother has the other newer book so sadly, no cool pics of how to cook deliciously within the ration restrictions. pout.

seven: NOPE

This Beanie death belongs to my mother. There are four Beanie deaths that came home with me one summer: One went to my mom, one went to TheMan (and currently can be found riding around in the bug), one I kept (and is chillin on the bookshelf with the Cthulhus) and one went to the house of Badmovie and LunarGeography (but has since gone into LG’s work to fend off the stupid). Beanie Deaths get around.

My mother’s beanie death lives on her bed of oddities…

Which includes this thing. I…don’t know.

eight: HELLS YUP!

Our new peculator. It wrocks.


Again, the common law thing although I think of the typewriter as more mine than this CD. I stole this from my sister ages and ages ago…so long ago that she doesn’t remember even having it. I still think of it as hers though. And I’m not giving it up because it’s an awesome CD.

ten: YUP

This was a forgotten Christmas present this year from the Qs. Apparently, it was kicking around and they thought “What a nice present to give to boo, who collects elephants and has at least one ring she wears every day which she can now hook onto the elephant’s nose.” However, Christmas was scattered and a bit piecemeal so it didn’t make an appearance until later…possibly a day or two later. TheMan and I use the font holder, but only the dish part because we are goofs and love that our rings nestle. You can’t nestle and hang at the same time. Sadly.

2007: April is too full of Smithees to be running around in the dead of night finding homes for wayward crap.

2006: Slackering and not updating.

2005: Too busy to update.

2004: JSFR: Tsuinkuru

2003: That’s a song that I’ll stop and listen to every single time. Ummm, errr…and sing along with too. Loudly.

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