Random Thought Generation

Hey, could it be another installment of Short Attention Span Theater?

So I made reservations last night for Origins (June 24-27, 2004) at the place we stayed at this past summer for the usual crowd (me, TheMan, Lunargeography and Badmovie). There was a bit of confusion as I explained that my name on the card is currently Ms. Boo, but come June I’ll be The New Mrs. Q. and all that could cause some confusion. The reservations lady told me to use the soon to be new name so I did. You want to know the best part? After the confirmation and numbers stuff she said “Thanks you Mrs. Q.”

Heee! That’s the first time I have been called “Mrs. Q.” After the initial shock of “errrr…who? Oh yeah, heh, ME!” I had one of those geeky joyful moments that probably resulted in a series of squirmy happy couch bouncies. Sometimes I swear I’m part puppy with the way the simplest things make me all happy in the inside. Part puppy, part cat; all I would need is a glow the dark butt I could amuse myself for hours!

By the way, you Origins people might think about getting your room reservations. Yeah in September. I asked (out of curiosity) how much of the block was filled and the lady told me that 50% to 75% of it was already reserved. As of last night there were 10 double queen rooms left. Yeah September. Get those reservations in folks or sleep on the streets.

And no, you can not sleep on the floor in our room. I don’t care if we “only” have 4 people in a double queen room, that’s three people I’m already not killing in the mornings. One more could hit critical mass and that would not be pretty. I’m not so much a morning person. Trust me.

My final order from the Oriental Trading Company came in yesterday. I had to order 2 more units of Smithee giveaways and while I was looking through the Halloween catalog I found The Perfect Giveaway. No really, these guys are sahweeet. I even bumped the critters I was going to use in the 2004 Ann Arbor show as a giveaway in favor of the new guys. They are just that good. Heh. And yeah, I’m going to make you all wait until next April to find out what they are. You want to know something even more evil? I have giveaways for 2005, 2006, and 2007. Heh.

Yeah, I’d hate me too about now.

What else came with the order were the bazillions of glow in the dark (GID – I love that acronym) bouncy balls in many different sized that I ordered TheMan. He plans to do some funky photography with them and had me order a gross the first time. Unfortunately, the size was something like 1/2 inch or whatnot and TheMan was rather thinking of using bouncy balls twice that size. So I got him an assortment. We played with them last night popping a flash in the box and letting them hang out with a lit flash light for a while and what not. We are easily amused. Shiny!

Last night as we tooled out and about to rent a movie (Shanghai Knights) we passed one of the seven churches within walking distance of TheMan’s house. He is surrounded by God! Anyway, on the way to the store we passed the Free Will Baptist Church so I turned to him and said “I will choose Free Will!” and then we both broke into Rush tune (going to hell). On the way back we passed The First Assembly of God. TheMan quipped “Insert smiting fist A into righteous arm B” while I said “Oh, look! This must be the BooTown torso plant!” (going straight to hell). Sometimes TheMan just sings “Mr. Messiah Head” to the “Mr. Potato Head” tune as we pass by one of the assembly churches (do not pass Go). Contents: One God, some assembly required. (do not collect $200).

Sometimes church names make me giggle. I don’t know if it is my sense of absurd or if I am possessed by demons or what, but I always think to myself things like “The First Methodist Church…how do they know?”. Then I wonder if one first congregation meets another first congregation do they rumble for the title? Are there church congregation ladders? And then the First Assembly of God…that’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Of course TheMan had to point it out to me so I guess I didn’t eat much fish but still! The best name, though (of the churches that surround TheMan’s house) is a little tiny thing of a church off on a bumpy road that calls themselves “The Church of the Holy Messiah and its army” or something really close to that. Don’t mess with those folks!

2 Responses to “Random Thought Generation”

  1. theMan Says:

    Well, the First Methodists probably just started counting (first, second, third, etc)…

    Since they’re all, you know.. methodical…

  2. susan Says:

    I always visualised Assembly of God as involving LEGO. Which brings up a deep philosophical question: could God make a LEGO brick so big He couldn’t move it?