The Tax Man Cameth!

TheMan and I checked the account on the way in to work today and SQUEEEE! The tax return appeared! Both Unca Sam and the State weren’t stingy either, which surprises me to no end. Whenever I did taxes, the State always wound up digging into my pockets. On the plus side, Unca Sam usually gave back enough to offset the State’s grubby little tax hands and then some so all in all I won out. I was never able to get the State tax to be in my favor though.

TheMan, on the other hand, has the tax magic and the State is now giving it up for the Qs. They aren’t giving up much, because the State is a greedy tax sucking pig-cow, but they are grudgingly giving us money back this year. It’s all in the fiddly little tax bits it seems since the original forecast for State taxes was the usual “The State wins this round. Again”. But then a little bit more of this and some of that and wala! We eked out over the State. I think the Homestead Property Tax thingit is probably what pushed us over to the happy tax refund side. Way back when I did taxes I seem to recall the Homestead Property Tax whatsit made my State taxes due go from half a paycheck to small chump change. Gotta love that.

Anyway, we puttered on over to Best Buy and picked up a fancy new graphics card. It’s twice the awesome as the original card that came with the PC (and died a blue smoky death two months ago) and four times the awesome as FrankenComputer’s card, which is what is currently driving the PC’s visuals. Sadly, we aren’t getting the amazing Warcraft bazillionty awesomeness we would normally be getting with this card because we sort of came home with a huge flat screen monitor. If you remember back a ways, our ginormous CRT monitor of doom gave up the ghost and we had to downsize to an itty bitty 14 inch monitor (also from FrankenComputer if I remember correctly). Itty bitty monitor made me very sad. All the little icons were all scrunched on top of each other and it was a bit hard to read the screen.

Not any more, BabE! I’ve got real estate! We didn’t get to really test drive it though because it took TheMan a bit of time to hunt up the most recent drivers for the vid card. Apparently, the info said to check the chip manufacturer’s site but the video card manufacturer was the one who had the most recent drivers. Why? Who knows but once that little oddity was discovered things settled into place. HUZZAH! It was also too late to trundle around Warcraft. Alas.

Best Buy also handed us a little Green/Earth/whatever day flyer in which they stated that their store would be taking old computers and small appliances to recycle on the 26th of April. Whoot! We currently have the ancient sacred graveyard of old computers upstairs and now the dead CRT monitor of doom and the tiny 14 inch monitor. I’m thinking I know what I’m going to be doing next weekend!

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