The Friday Five!

This week on the Friday Five, How do you keep house?
Heh, talk about way off base…

1. What housekeeping chore(s) do you hate doing the most?

Unequivocally and with out a doubt bathrooms. I hate hate HATE cleaning them even though there really isn’t much too it. I mean normally there is a sink to scrub, tub to scrub, toilet to scrub, mirror to clean and then the floor. Simple and done in what, a half hour give or take? There is more work to cleaning a kitchen but given a choice I’d rather scrub stoves and countertops than whoosh a brush around the underside of a toilet bowl. I even made a deal with TheMan that if he would keep the bathroom clean I would do the dishes. Or wait, do I do the dishes (on occasion) because he cooks? What did I agree to do so I did not have to clean the bathroom? Hmmmm…

2. Are there any that you like or don’t mind doing?

Dishes. I sort of like doing them once I get started. However, sometimes the getting started seems to have a bit of trouble happening (*ahem*) and I can get a huge pile up before I get around to doing the whole damn stack. Rule number one about dishes: Rinse them off when they are freshly dirty (especially the oatmeal dishes) and Rule number two: Don’t leave standing water in any dish unless you absolutely, positively “to save the universe” have to because damn, dish water gets nasty fast.

You know, not that I like know from any sort of regular stinky standing dish water experience or anything. Yeah, moving on.

3. Do you have a routine throughout the week or just clean as it’s needed?

Heh. Routine or clean as needed. That’s funny. If you have visited the boo house you would understand. Cleaning kinda goes like this: Hey, I might use this again, I’ll just put it here for later. Oh and this. Eh, I’m tired of this other project, I’ll put it here. Maybe Saturday I’ll get to this stuff but right now it can just as well sit on top of these other things for a day or so. Where do you want this? OK, I’m putting it right over here with that other thing. BAH! I don’t want to go back up stairs, I’ll just balance this on top of the pile and remember it the next time I go up. How much junk mail can one household get? Ugh! Well I’ll deal with it later-oops, that sort of slid off the stack no? Hmmm, well I’ll just balance it better like so.

Damnit, I don’t have any room to put my glass and I can’t put anything under the table and I can’t walk AND I’M LIVING IN A FREEKING PIG STY! JESUS! I CAN’T FREEKING WALK FROM ONE SIDE OF THE ROOM TO THE OTHER WITHOUT DOING SOME SORT OF CLUTTER SLALOM GODDAMIT! [glare of doom] CAN”T YOU PICK UP ANY OF YOUR CRAP ONCE IN A WHILE!!!

Yeah, I’ll let things clutter and then rather Vesuvian like I will have reached and surpassed my mess tolerance. Suddenly, no matter what the plans are, the clutter has Got. To. Go. Yesterday. I’m such a joy to live with. I also have fallen in love with another clutter bug who has a much higher clutter tolerance so every now and then things get tense in the Q house.

What I have been trying to do lately to combat the clutter is do a sweep through about once a day. A good deal of the untidy, other than bits of projects here and there, are the pop cans and glasses that are left around from the previous night. You let those things sit for more than a day and they breed, I’ll swear to that. So I try to remember to grab any stray glasses or plates on my way into the kitchen every now and then just to keep down the population in the living room. On a cool note, since moving in the kitchen island from the condo it has become easier to cull the dish heard in the living room. Instead of having to hop the kitty gate to get to the sink (way over at the other end of the kitchen), the island is positioned so that it’s an easy reach from the living room side sans the gate clamber effort. Stuff has been collecting on the counter until we happen to be tooling about the kitchen, at which point it is transferred to where it needs to go. It’s a pretty good system.

4. Do you have any odd cleaning/housekeeping quirks or rules?

Heh, one would have to clean regularly in order to develop that sort of habit no? OK, back to serious mode. I can think of a couple of cleaning quirks I have. One is my preferred method of dish washing. I tend to hunt out the biggest dirty pot or bowl to use as my suds basin, which keeps the sink free for rinsing. I think this developed from my days of living with a one compartment sink kitchen. Who designs kitchens like that anyway? Anyway, even though TheMan’s sink has 2 compartments I prefer to go with the remote suds bowl.

I think my clutter tolerance rule is: As long as I can still walk around easily or put something down on a clear patch of table, the clutter is OK. The minute I have to find a place for my dish to perch or my laptop to balance the whole place is a fucking pig sty and must be cleaned now. Or at least the part that is bothering me.

I’ll let a bath tub get a righteous tub ring before I even notice it needs cleaning. Mostly, it’s because I rarely have my glasses on in the shower or have the shower curtain open when I have my glasses on so I can’t see the ring nasty that has taken up residence around the tub. Just for reference, I also can’t see the big E on the eye chart either. It’s not a matter of being a slob per se because I hate living in squalor (but clutter is fine for a while) but rather it’s a matter of judging the cleanliness of the bathroom on the state of the tub. If I can’t see the tub ring then there it is not yet time to clean the bathroom and the way to judge a bathroom’s state of clean is to look at the tub. In my experience the tub gets the dirtiest fastest. That is another reason TheMan is in charge of cleaning the bathrooms, he tends to clean it more regularly than I do.

5. What was the last thing you cleaned?

Yesterday was a cleaning day at the Q house, believe it or not. For the most part, it was a cleaning stuff out of the way so another project which has to use that stuff’s space can get started. The first project was doing the dishes and general kitchen cleaning so that we could siphon the blueberry wine into another container. TheMan did that while I loafed because I am the Couch Cheeto! I did gather all the bottles and cans and moved them out into the back truck (love having a truck) and did a general living room sweep through at the same time so I wasn’t a complete Cheeto. All was for naught though because we discovered that the fruit fly problem we have been encountering is directly related to having a huge container of fruit wine sitting in our kitchen. They love that thing. I think they can smell the fruity blueberry goodness inside and it attracts them like crack (don’t worry, they can’t get into the wine, no matter how long they sit on the outside drooling over the purple liquid). We figured they have been living off of the empties that were stacking up (another reason to move them outside) and spending their days hovering longingly around the wine carboy. So, we did not do the wine project and need to get some sort of fly eradicator for the bastards before we do.

OH! I forgot about the other clean I committed! It wasn’t really a clean in the sense of “cleaning” because I wasn’t cleaning to get something clean but rather cleaning to make way for something else. I straightened up my nightstand so that I could put a bottle of wine, 2 glasses and a candle on it as a romantic surprise for TheMan who was upstairs showering. I decided to put away and weed through the stuff on the nightstand top so that the presentation looked all romantic like and nothing caught fire or upended unexpectedly. I think that is mostly how things get clean around the Q house: By sudden violent threshold surpassion or by necessitating space for another project.

AH! Laundry! I knew there was something I did in exchange for not having to clean the bathrooms!

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